Your 1st workout after being sick

what do you do after being sick in the

gym how do you know when you're ready to

workout again well what I always do is I

do a very basic workout of just five

exercises and it's all body because the

thing is this when you are sick you are

at home for a couple days up to a week

sitting on your couch laying in bed so

your body is tight you are sitting on

your couch watching that movie cocoa and

it's okay if you cried at the end by the

way yes it is and you were doing nothing

so your body is tight the length tension

and relationships are all off you

weren't eating enough so you're

malnourished a little bit you might be

dehydrated so you don't want to go squat

heavy right away on your first session

you want to ease yourself back into it

and here's a good workout for you to

find out if you are ready to jump back

in and first exercise is a regular plank

this workout is gonna be so simple you

just get on your elbows right here feet

together and just rule the plane

mentally you want to think about your

stomach muscles if all you're doing is

flexing your arms and shoulders that

it's gonna become more of an arm workout

it's getting your body up and your

stomach's gonna hang you want to have

that tension in your stomach and your

stomach is holding your spine up also

squeeze your blood flex your legs your

body should be shaking on a plank for

the maximum effectiveness exercise

number two is one of my favorites

there's a single leg deadlift

get on one foot chest up shoulders back

tuck your chin in like somebody's trying

to kiss you but you don't want to kiss

that person so you're like well show

what's on your shirt meaning shoulder

blades back and then you're not gonna

bend over you're just gonna stick your

butt out

bending over is this right here sticking

your butt out that's where you push your

hips back or it's just sticking your

butt out and your eyes keep looking at

the front I just keep looking at

front as you come down you're gonna feel

that stretch in the backside your leg

now when you come up and down push

through the outside of the foot that

you're standing on and your heel now we

get it you want to rotate down through

your hips touch the floor and then back

up you do this for three sets on the

first set you just have your fingertips

your middle fingers because they're the

longest once like this your middle

fingers cuz their longest ones you have

them touch the ground on this second set

try to have all fingers touch the ground

so this means you're gonna have to go a

little bit lower a little bit lower

right back up on the third set try to

have your knuckles touch the ground that

means you have to come even lower so

come all the way down you might have to

come down so low that you have to bend

your knee a little bit but then you get

that full extension boom you want to

feel it in the backside you leg and in

your buttons whatever you do be a

flamingo so what I mean with that is you

come down and you keep that lower back

straight don't bend over

don't ever round this don't ever do this

in the gym never ever always keep this

solid the exercise number three is a

good old pushup

but here's the deal everybody knows how

to do a push-up right hands and toes

straight up toes pointing down you're

pushing your toes down to the ground

let's check this up here's a little

trick for a better pushup when you're in

a push-up position

think about screwing your elbows damn it

like that the difference between this

and this is a solid shoulder right here

my elbows are pointing out I'm coming

down I'm putting all kinds of

unnecessary stress on my shoulders if my

elbows are pointing backwards I'm coming

down and I'm rotating in a better way so

I could feel it more in my triceps and

my shoulders are in a better position to

try that up when your head your hands to

the front screw those elbows in please

don't shoulder blades together and then

bend your elbows it's gonna be a lot

more solid on your push-ups all right

exercise number four is another basic

one it's a squat but here's the deal you

just spent all weekend or all week doing

nothing so your legs are tight you

probably not gonna be able to squat all

the way down you use a probably tight

too so if you were to just straight

going squatting

being inactive per week your user

probably gonna come off and you're gonna

end up spotting something like this with

your back rounded use off and all that

stuff so here's a watch does it come

down toes pointing to the front like

this squat down as low as you can and

when you do that you're probably gonna

have around that right here kind of like

a dog that has to use the restroom now

what you do then is put your fingers

underneath your toes right here put your

elbows on the inside of your knees and

then kind of get into position right

here put your heels on the ground and

then pull your hips or pull your toes up

then straighten that lower back right

there straighten it and then stand up

from here squeeze your butt here's

another little tiny trick when it comes

to squats there's one thing you can do

that it's going to move the weight more

on your heels which is what you want

because if the weight is more on your

heels you get more butts

activation and what you do is you

squeeze every single muscle you have and

your upper back right here imagine if

I'm just rounding my shoulders I'm gonna

relax in my whole upper body right here

and all I'm worried about is my legs I

squat down looking at the ground now

you're gonna go where you're looking at

and you're gonna get end up on your toes

right here this is how you can end up

squatting if you tuck your chin in bring

your shoulder blades back so what's on

your shirt then you're shifting your

upper weight backwards a little more

automatically you're gonna shift your

weight more when you heels

and you'll be able to sit down standing

back up you're gonna feel a big

difference last exercise is to work your

back a little bit you get all under the

Suspension Trainer or some rings and you

just go horizontal and you got a ring

Rose right here

so back down now ring-road that's

kind of interesting exercise because at

a certain point you're gonna get so

tired that you just can't get up anymore

and then what happens is most people

start doing this whole thing little

mermaid action where they just move

their hips up and down and they're

burning so that's doing anything when

that happens place your feet flat to the

ground and use your legs to get yourself

up a little bit start off not using your

legs and as it gets harder

use your legs a little bit more and that

is it guys now here's the deal do these

exercises all in a row with as little

rest as possible in between I know it's

simple but you're coming from a week of

inactivity and you'll be surprised by

how your heart rate is gonna go up just

by doing this simple stuff especially if

you're not used to doing bodyweight

training now if your heart rate is

racing through the roof then that's the

sign for you so go home take some more

vitamin C some echinacea maybe some

silver maybe some more garlic and get

some more naps and sleep in if you feel

after this workout like you're ready to

go then the next day

don't hit it hard so hope that makes

sense guys hope you like this video and

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