When Can I Exercise after a Breast Augmentation? | Dr. Daniel Shapiro

hi I'm doctor Dan Shapiro plasterers

certified by the American Board of

plastic surgery I've been performing

cosmetic or plastic surgery in the

Scottsdale Paradise Valley area since

1992 and all I perform is cosmetic or

SATA cloth surgery I'm here in

Scottsdale and you can't be a plastic

surgeon in Scottsdale Arizona without

doing a lot of breast surgery I

performed tons and tons of breast

augmentation and once again I currently

when I'm making this movie I've been in

practice for 22 years and a thousand

thousands of breast augmentation you

know everybody's impatient and a common

question is you know how how long can I

expect to be uncomfortable after breast

augmentation and how long before I can

get back to normal activities in terms

of lifting in terms of doing any sports

in terms of feeling more normal the way

to answer that question is to understand

what I'm doing with breast augmentation

if I am putting a breast implant above

the pectoralis muscle for some reason

that recovery is quite simple and it

really is literally days before you're

feeling completely back to normal and

you can resume more normal activities

there are a slew of different implants

that we use now some of which are

textured some of which are not that may

require some massaging technique every

day after surgery but generally if your

implants are above the muscle you can

get back to a more normal activity

almost immediately we like to have

people massage and butt-butt-butt with

regards to lifting and any sports

activity almost immediately I say within

the first week or so you can get back to

your schedule now the majority of the

implants that I put in are beneath the

pectoralis muscle for reasons that they

tend to stay soft or longer in most

patients they tend to look a little bit

more natural and the capsular

contracture rate which is the hardening

is less when you put them beneath the

muscle but everything has a price so

when we go beneath the muscle I'm

actually elevating the muscle and

partially removing it from the chest

wall and there are some not problems but

trade-offs with that I think it's more

uncomfortable for the first week or so

generally people that have not had

children I think it takes about a week

before you're feeling you know 100% and

people of the patch children usually

takes a couple of days we often have to

deal with

so spasms so we give valium to help

decrease those spasms but lifting and

activities that way are somewhat limited

generally within the first three weeks

or so

when implants have put beneath the

muscle we like the patient to wear a

bandeau that helps push the implant down

to fill the most inferior portion of the

pocket when lifting and a lot of

patients have very young children we

like to have people keep their arms

close to their body to use their core

body for for leverage instead of using

their arms and the pectoralis muscle and

and gradually people can start doing

more activities within a first two to

three weeks people can start running

usually people wear a couple of sports

bras for extra support when the implants

have beneath the muscle and and and it

takes a while for those implants to go

from a higher position to a lower

position by about six weeks I feel

comfortable for people using their

pectoralis muscle more liberally in

terms of doing a chest exercising and

doing almost activity almost any

activity that you want with the thought

that there might be some discomfort

usually which can be treated with a

non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug

whether it be motrin or Aleve or or

anything of that sort

but all in all it depends upon where the

implants are place it depends upon

whether you've had children or not and

it depends upon once again communication

so we don't take a step forward where

you do too much too fast

but overall patients generally get back

to doing whatever they want by about six

weeks in that meantime we kind of try to

slow you back a little bit so you don't

find any discomfort and and sometimes

when people do a little bit too much too

fast those implants will stay a little

bit high too long and and and that's

what valium is for but the best way to

understand is come in and talk and we

get it going that way thank you