After C-Section Exercise (Postpartum Workout After C Section)

welcome to pregnancy and postpartum tv

today we're doing after c-section

exercise or a c-section

workout we're gonna gently get back into

fitness at the same time as keeping

our core and where we had our c-section


after our pregnancy a c-section is a

major surgery and so you want to make

sure that you've checked with your

doctor and you get clearance before

starting any new exercise routine

some physiotherapists and doctors will

allow pelvic floor and gentle core

exercises a few weeks after a c-section

and others will wait six to eight weeks

before getting back into

gentle exercise but it could be nine to

twelve months before you're back to your

regular intense workouts

and traditional ab exercises like

crunches and planks

the first part of this workout is going

to be gentle pelvic floor and core


and then we'll progress into some gentle

standing exercises

so check with your doctor feel what's

safe for you none of the moves or the


should cause any pain especially around

your incision

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but maybe a little bit more intense get

your heart rate up are great for losing

the baby weight i have a whole playlist

of videos that are safe for diastasis


which we have the same goal to prevent

any internal pressure so they're also

very safe for after a c-section

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to check out that playlist as well

you don't need any equipment however i

will do some modifications with

a chair just to stabilize yourself so if

you wanted to you could grab a chair

i'm not wearing any shoes for this

workout but if you're more comfortable

in workout shoes you could absolutely

wear your shoes

let's come to a seated position to

get started i'll get you to place your

hands on your ribs we're going to

practice some diaphragmatic breathing i

can also link to another video if you

want a better explanation of it

but we want to be able to keep our core


our lower belly drawing in and breathe

into our ribs

as we're doing the exercises to keep our

core safe so let's take

three big inhales

and exhale out


one more time

when you blow out as if you're blowing

out a candle you can get that extra

engagement that's great for core healing

as well

when we're doing the exertion part of an

exercise or that difficult part

we're going to exhale and contract and

then as we come

out of the pose we're going to inhale

this may be opposite to a lot of yoga

practice but this is going to protect

our core while we're healing after


placing your hands on your knees we'll

do some

shoulder rolls just warming up


going the other way

good and let's round out the back as if

we're holding a big

beach ball pressing our hands forward

ballooning out our back

and then inhale open up our chest

exhale ballooning out our back

inhale opening up our chest

perfect coming to hands and knees

we'll do some hip circles

going the other way


coming on to our back we'll get down

safely going down

on your side and then rolling over onto

your back

we'll do some bridge with kegel

so fully relax and then as

we press up we're going to activate our


pull in so picture a blueberry at the

opening of your vagina

and we're sucking it up at the same time

as we are

engaging our lower belly pulling it in

and pressing up into bridge

and inhale release coming

down again exhale lower belly in

picking up our blueberry pressing up

and inhale release

and fully relaxing our pelvic floor at

the bottom

i'll let you do a few of these on your


moving with your breath






beautiful now we're going to do some

heel slides

so we can bring our heels in

a little bit place our hands just inside

our bony hip protrusion there

and as we suck our lower belly in we


feel it tighten on the inside if you're

not sure you're engaging your core i'll

link to another video

there to know that you're engaging your

core properly

and then we are breathing into our ribs

our lower belly is staying engaged and

we're going to slide

out our heel and

bring it back in again

our lower belly and corey are working

really hard here




one more on the side

good relax take a breath


moving to the other side feeling your


engaged draw in

sliding your heel out and back in


re-engaging your core if you need to


last one on this side

and release

coming up on to our elbows

we're going to do an exercise where

we are pretending we have a glass of

water on

one knee engaging our lower belly

engaging our pelvic floor picking up our


and then we're going to open up one knee

to the side

just until we start to feel our body

trying to roll over

but not rolling over and bringing it

back in


core is engaged and working hard

we're balancing our glass of water on

our other knee

so our body and our leg

that's not moving are totally still


you're doing great one more


bringing your feet up release

taking a breath before we engage on the

other side

and engage pelvic floor lifting

other side


last one

release rolling over onto

our side we're gonna do some clam shells

so you can come

down and if you wanted to support your

head with your hand

bringing your knees a little bit forward

engaging our core

engaging our pelvic floor and we'll open


four clam shells here


last one good

let's do a quick quad stretch while

we're here

releasing your foot now we're going to

do broken clamshell

so bringing your knees apart

and then doing that same movement of


that upper leg

core is engaged



last one release down

coming up into a modified

plank we'll push up

take our hands to our hip again you can


inside your hip bone engage your core

and we'll hold here


breathing into your ribs



you can either keep holding or if you

want to do an advanced move

you could do a couple of hip dips here


releasing down let's carefully

switch over to the other side

clam shells on this side

core is engaged


last one stretching your quad

broken clam shell now

engaging our core

last one release down

modified plank

feeling it being tight inside your hip



good engaging

feel free to stay here or if you wanted

to do the advanced

hip dips you can dip down using your



release down that might be enough for

you but if you wanted to do a few

gentle standing poses we'll make our way

up to a standing

position we're going to do some squats

here so you can either do full squats

you can do

little squats to make it easier or you

can sit up and down on a chair to do a

modified version

spreading our toes and sitting back as

if we're sitting back in a chair if

you're not

and sitting back core is engaged

and up so we're exhaling

engaging as we go down and

inhale engage

coming back up great



let's do one more

release and shake it out from here we're

going to do

some static standing lunges so if you're

comfortable you can just do them

standing in place if you wanted to

hold on to a chair to stabilize yourself

you can we'll take our feet

wide apart and then sink down into

a lunge again engaging pulling our lower

belly in

and bending down you shouldn't feel any





you're doing great couple more here


last one shake it out

move to the other side again if you

wanted to use

a chair to stabilize yourself

finding that 90 degree angle from both

your knees as you bend down engaging


up exhale engage down

inhale up


great job last one

shake it out before we move into our


froggy leg lifts so we'll take our feet

wide apart here we're going to take our

arms up

shift your weight to one side engaging

your core

and especially on the side here and

bring your elbow and knee together

or for modified you don't have to bring

it up as far whatever feels good

you can also use a chair and stabilize

yourself on the side

and engage

exhale engage inhale up


last one preparing on the other side

engaging using your obliques


last one perfect

shake it out if you want to take a sip

of water you can

we're going to do some modified jumping


next or if you're ready for jumping

jacks you can

bending your knees we will tap out as we

bring our arms up

core is engaged

you can go as fast or as slow as feels

good for you


a couple more and

release shake it out

let's get back down onto the ground

we're gonna do some all fours

push-ups which protects our core as it's


so we have shoulders above wrists hips


knees spreading your fingers engaging

your core

and pressing down and

up again we'll do some push-ups here


last one and release

let's take our knees wide apart and

stretch in child's pose

a couple of breaths here

good working your hands in

let's come to a comfortable seated

position we'll take our hands behind us

fingers pointing forward we're gonna


up on our knees for a nice chest opener

this is great if you're breastfeeding

as well

and coming back down let's

round out our back

one more time opening our chest

beautiful coming back and

rounding out the other way pressing your


away ballooning through your back

let's come to all fours tuck our toes

press into downward dog

stretching out the backs of our legs and

lift one heel at a time

pressing both heels down

let's take some tiny steps all the way


core is engaged

when you get to the top of your mat

we'll roll up one vertebra at a time

good we'll cool down taking your feet


inhale up exhale

release one more time


let's take a quad stretch again if you

want to hold on to a wall

or a chair you can hear

beautiful let's switch sides

taking your feet wide apart inhale your

arms out place them on your hips do a


chest opener fold forward you can take

your hand

and place them in front of your face

will open up to one side

gentle twist here

bringing that hand back down opening the

other way

bringing your top hand down let's bend

our knees and then

roll up again to a standing

position we are done you did amazing it

is not easy to recover after a c-section

so feel really

proud and good of yourself for finishing

that workout i would love to know in the

comments below how you're feeling after

your c-section and how that workout was

for you

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