When can I start exercising after giving birth?

before you start doing abdominal

exercises like crunches and twists

there's an important self-examination

you should do it's called a rec check

the stomach muscles that run down the

center of your tummy loosen during

pregnancy and if they've not tightened

and strengthened prior to commencing

more rigorous exercise you can cause

more harm than good to check these

muscles lie flat on the floor face up

hold your index and your middle finger

together like this and feel in the

center of your stomach just above your

belly button pushing down and tightening

your muscles while lifting your head and

shoulders off the floor if the muscles

are more than two finger widths apart

and you need to hold off doing intense

exercise until they're closed up if you

have any questions about exercising

after giving birth please speak with one

of our doctors by

visiting doctor care anywhere calm