How to Get Started Exercising After Bariatric Surgery

exercise does not mean extra fries guys


hey this is Morgan at live healthy MD

the registered dietitian and personal

trainer today we're gonna talk about

exercising for weight loss alright so

why is exercising so important well we

already know helps with weight loss

weight maintenance muscle growth Jever

you're looking to strive for exercise is

very very important it should be a part

of your everyday just like brushing your

teeth is you want to find something you

enjoy that's one of the most important

things when it comes to exercise because

if you go into doing something you don't

enjoy for me I don't like doing spin

classes cuz it hurts not just my legs

but the sea all right so I don't like

doing it so I don't do it find something

you enjoy that you're gonna stick with

or you're not gonna do it there are

three key areas to exercise cardio

strength training and flexibility cardio

I recommend you do everyday cardio is

anything that gets your heart rate up

gets that blood pumping cardio can

include walking which is the most

easiest convenient cheapest thing to do

don't tell me it's too hot or cold

outside you can walk around your house

go walk around the mall go walk around

Target we all love Target right yeah all


you can also bike hike swim which is

great especially for people who are

overweight takes that that water takes

the pressure off the joints and it's a

lot easier to move in water you can

chase your kids around you can chase

your dogs around you can chase your Pig

around like I often have to do strength

training which is my favorite strain

training is

lifting weights helping break down that

muscle so that it builds back up

sidenote women you will not get bulky we

don't have enough testosterone for that

strength training is extremely vital

into your whole exercise regimen the

good thing about strength training is

that once you're done strength training

lifting weights breaking down that

muscle throughout the next 48 to 72

hours that muscles trying to rebuild so

you're burning calories in that time

when you're doing cardio you're only

burning calories while you're doing the

cardio exercise however there are

benefits to both you need both your

hearts of muscle cardio is good for that

strength training is good for breaking

down that muscle and it allows you to

eat a couple of your calories because

you're replenishing all that muscle and

tissue that was broken down when

strength training you want your muscles

to have time to heal and recover

I recommend that each muscle group that

you straight train that you let recover

for at least 48 hours for example if you

do a chest and try workout on Monday I

want you to wait until at least

Wednesday to do that same muscle group

again you need time to let them rest

recover and build I do not recommend you

strength train more than five times a

week again you want your muscles to

recover I always say do at least two

upper body workouts and one lower body

within a week flexibility that's

stretching you want to stretch every day

before and after workout I don't care if

you stretch when you get out of bed

that's a great way to do it find time to

stretch give yourself 10 minutes a day

stretch stretch stretch what exercise

that incorporates all three of these is

yoga yoga works on cardio strength

training and flexibility it's very great


as a bariatric patient I get asked a lot

when can we really start exercising so

you can start exercising day one and

that exercise will include walking walk

the halls at the hospital when you get

out of the hospital walk in your house

walk to your mailbox and back if you

need to I always recommend that you

walked at least thirty minutes a day if

you can't do a full 30 minutes take five

minutes split it up six times that

equals thirty if you are chair bound you

can walk in place and do chair aerobics

cherubic soar great you can also get

some resistance bands you says I don't

care if you use canned goods and pump

those things those are all great once

you're at two weeks post-op you can

start lifting light weights and do

low-impact exercises for example you can

do a squat but I don't want you to squat

all the way to the ground get a

three-foot box or chair you can squat

till your butt hits at go back up that's

a low-impact exercise that's not using

your full force you can do low weight

high reps for example you can get five

pound dumbbells and you can do thirty

reps of curls that's low weights high


once you hit six weeks you can go lift

the draft if you want you can lift

anything deadlift squat chest press you

can run a marathon

so cardio strength training and

flexibility are the three core staples

to an exercise program I want you doing

cardio thirty minutes a day I recommend

that you strength trained at least three

times a week and that you do flexibility

you stretch every day before and after a

workout in conclusion exercise is vital

to weight loss to any weight loss


make sure you're making it a part of

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