Coming Back After Injury and Gains Suck! | Tiger Fitness

both what's up everyone mark local honor

tiger fitness comm from duck

I've always been physically active in

the gym or outside doing things like

hiking biking or just backyard sports I

was pretty lean at 511 185 pounds but

then I was hit with a major setback

I suffered two twin labor room tears and

my right shoulder and had to leave have

them repaired at the start of 2016

during my rehab and recovery period I

gained weight a lot of it when I finally

stepped foot back in the gym May 2016

had exploded from lean 185 done not so

lean 225 so he went from a 2,000 mile

you only that was only five months not a

big deal from May to July I focused on

mostly light weights and cardio drop

down to 205 since then I've been slowly

increasing the weight on my list while

trying to get in 20-30 minutes alone

intensity cardio post-workout I do not

seen the beginning anywhere at this

point with leaning out more still not

near as lean as before I'm not seeing

the same muscle response than I'm used

to so I think the fact that turned 30

this year has a role in this and that my

tissue is hormonal II based I've always

been able to maintain what I built in my

early 20s but now at 30 having to

rebuild it's not going the same way up

you turn 30

but you were 25 26 27 28 29 that day you

turn 30 [ __ ] just doesn't fall alright

your body doesn't [ __ ] know you turn

30 your body just knows it's another

[ __ ] day alright that has nothing to

do with it if you want to get your

hormones checked that's fine I'll tell

you what happened you've been training

for X amount of years you get this

little labrum tears right ever and you

go oh [ __ ] I'm not even gonna [ __ ]

move what little did you know is you

still have these things called legs you

could have trained these [ __ ]

right here instead you probably sat

around feeling sorry for yourself lost a

tunneling mass now you're not responding

as well one because all those years of

hard training that lean mass has gone

away and you gained fat which means not

only were you not exercising but you're

eating like [ __ ] so you're trying to

lose weight and gain muscle at the same

time which in and of itself is extremely

hard to do unless you're Kevin lavro

knee so here's what I recommend one if

you're not noticing fat loss your diets

not being adjusted I saw nothing about

adjusting calories I saw

nothing about that go to Fat Loss Factor that's my book Fat Loss Factor

book calm or hire a credible coach I

coach I'm not trying to sell coaching

I'm just saying I coach there's other

people who coach obviously no Lane

coaches all those other guys coach get a

good coach don't get it on PC [ __ ] is

gonna tell you tilapia meal to get a

good coach okay who adjusts your macros

also your training not quite sure you

started out training like you've been

trying to go heavier are you doing

movements you need to do to really grow

muscle I mean obviously if you're just

doing tricep extensions and Pilates

every [ __ ] day you're not gonna gain

lean mass there's a lot of things that

play you turning 30 I'm 35 you're make

me feel horrible by myself

that's not the bad part the bad part is

you took time off you ate like a [ __ ]

Fat Boy and you train like a [ __ ] or

you didn't train at all and now you try

to play catch-up so I've been a couple


stick to it get a plan adjust your

calories that's not a game