Liposuction Recovery Care - Reduce Your Liposuction Surgery Recovery Time - 5 Tips!

Liposuction recovery and liposuction recovery time can vary depending on the extent and

depth of your liposuction surgery.

However, by following these five tips, you can reduce your liposuction recovery time.

From managing liposuction recovery pain to understanding the liposuction recovery process,

liposuction surgery recovery time, rest, proper attire, and more, you can have a successful

liposuction recovery.

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In this video from American Hospital Bangalore, we will address 5 liposuction recovery care


These five tips can help you understand what you need to know after liposuction surgery,

and how you can reduce your liposuction recovery time.

Tip#1: Stay in Touch with Your Doctor

Once you are out of the operating room, it may seem like you are off the hook, and for

many, keeping your mind off of surgery means cutting ties with your doctor.

This could not be further from the truth.

You should always consult your doctor for post op instructions.

Remember that liposuction is an invasive type of surgery that can have complications.

Be sure to consult your doctor, or have a family member consult your doctor about liposuction

recovery before you leave the hospital - and follow any instructions.

Tip#2: Get plenty of rest!

Once the liposuction recovery process begins, many patients feel like they can get physically

active - especially because liposuction surgery can give patients a major boost of confidence.

However, one of the most important parts of the liposuction recovery process is rest.

The amount of rest you need is related to the depth of your procedure, and you should

ask your doctor how much rest time per day you will need for a successful liposuction

surgery recovery.

Getting enough rest is essential when trying to limit your level of liposuction recovery


Tip#3: Take Medications to Alleviate Liposuction Pain

Taking the proper medications during the liposuction recovery process can alleviate swelling and

pain after surgery.

A certain level of numbness is common, and it may take 1-2 weeks after surgery before

pain and numbness start to subside.

Follow your doctor’s recommendations for medications and dosages.

Tip#4: Supplement Your Rest with Equal Exercise

If you stay bedridden during your liposuction recovery process, you are only doing half

of what you need to do.

Exercise is equally important when it comes to fast-tracking your liposuction recovery


One great way to get exercise is walking.

Even if you walk at a slow pace, movement in your body will keep blood clots from forming.

Ask your doctor about how much exercise is right for you during your liposuction surgery


Tip#5: Have Your Stitches Removed the Right Way

While your body may do much of the work when it comes to absorbing your stitches after

liposuction surgery, seeing your doctor or a clinic to get the remainder of your stitches

removed is a must.

Liposuction surgery is invasive, and trying to remove your liposuction stitches yourself

can be fatal.

Complications due to improper stitch removal can be a detriment to your liposuction recovery


Make sure you talk to your doctor and make an appointment to have your stitches taken

out by a professional.

If you don’t, your liposuction recovery time might have to start over.

By following these tips during your liposuction recovery process, you will be better prepared

to take care of yourself, alleviate pain, rest, communicate with your doctor, and get

back to regular health.

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