Ask the Expert: Working out with the flu

welcome back it is now time for ask the

expert flu season has been in full force

this season the question is should one

workout if you're kind of sick or you're

yeah so joining us live this afternoon

is Michael Sweeney from the Sweeney's

gym this is a question a lot of people

really sort of debate in their life like

I have not feeling good but I'm gonna go

to the gym and quote work it out right

and you own a gym so this is important

this is this is important because you

don't want to come to the gym too soon

because you're just bringing all your

junk right to the gym so my rule of

thumb is this if your nose isn't running

away from you and you're not coughing

every five minutes then it's kind of

safe to say that you know you're not

contagious and you can find yourself to

the gym is there actually a good

exercise if you have a cold you know

there is no such thing as a good

exercise so you know keep in mind when

you have a cold it really taps the

immune system okay so if you go to the

gym too early you're not helping anyone

one you're still spreading the germs but

to any kind of workout needs your immune

system for a recovery process okay so

you're already now sick the immune

system is working overtime

then you're gonna go ahead and get your

normal workout in that you may think is

normal to the ability when you are sick

so now your immune system is completely

just overworked and it's not gonna get

you better any faster so my tip would be

this if you're gonna go to the gym once

you get past that stage of constantly

coffee and you know blowing your nose is

cut your workouts in half lighten up the

weight lighten the workout and most

importantly lighting your intensity

because there still is a benefit to go

to the gym and get the body moving in

you know get those red and white blood

cells flowing and that is the positive

if going to the gym and keeping the body

flowing is that one of the reasons like

people want to get back in the gym

because you're you're what did you tell

me when you're working out and getting

excited you're the endorphins

yeah the endorphins and that's a trigger

that's a trigger point to the mind so

you know people are not feeling good so

what always makes them feel good is the

gym so they feel okay well I got to get

the gym I got to feel better but most

importantly you know what I got to tell

you my fitness tip of the day is this

all right is when you're at a gym at any

time healthy or sick but most

importantly when you're

please wipe the equipment yeah yeah

don't leave it all sweaty don't leave

your stuff just dripping all over the

place right clean up after yourself and

don't spread your love anywhere else

that it shouldn't be our sweat swimmer's

we don't have to worry about that we're

in the water so you're there's Loreen

and and and the Cygnus is killed yeah

all right good tip today thank you if

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