HOW TO: Body Transformation | Beginner Workout | Diet | Full Guide

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alright let's start working out school

everyone does it

except for your friends but the entire

Internet is doing it so how do you start

and are you actually ready to start or

are you too young or maybe too old to

start now just start no matter your age

or anything just start and if your

motive is right your motivation is right

you will be alright

brownie 2018 I transformed my body when

I was 15 years old three years ago I

uploaded the entire journey last week so

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hard to find the holy book on how to

start working out but hey there it is

what a coincidence alright why do you

want to start girls voice hot killer

body impress your grandma I really don't


play I would suggest making it for

yourself you know improve your help

better and healthier looking body and

maybe that Instagram Fame now okay let's


so you choose to work out to taking your

first few steps into the G no no mistake

number one you need to choose first are

you going for calisthenics or Wiggly

calisthenics or weightlifting

calisthenics in ancient Greek Kalos

stenos beauty and strength beautiful

strength that's a useless fact but to

the point when doing calisthenics you

focus on bodyweight movements such as

these weight lifting no really got

something epic air it's what we all love

or hate both are a great option but what

is it gonna be calisthenics or weight

lifting calloused and weight you can

easily combine these two and that is

where a lot of people are missing out

they're not using both of the approaches

so now you're gonna go to the gym and

you're gonna go nope before spending a

shitload of money on something you're

not sure you're gonna like mom achieve

full workup you can start at home yes at

home start with the basics of

calisthenics get to know your body build

up muscle and strength baby here is an

example of a beginner workout maximum


three sets 60 to 90 seconds rest


maximum pull-ups three sets sixty to

ninety second dress maximum sit-ups

three sets sixty to ninety seconds rest

and maximum squats three sets sixty to

ninety seconds rest you can eventually

add extra exercises and workouts per

week to challenge yourself even more

there are two extra exercises maximum

dips three sets sixty to ninety seconds

rest maximum Australian pull-ups three

sets sixty to ninety seconds rest it's

hard to start when you can't do these

exercises so simply said do a simpler

variation of the exercise after a few

weeks maybe add some weights here and

there to isolate certain muscles and to

finish off a workout example exercises

are curls shoulder raises and weighted

lack training some extra tips do

full-body workouts like I just showed

you it's the best for getting to know

your body and it's the best for getting

started don't go too fast don't want to

progress too fast keep it simple and

make the progression come however make

sure to challenge yourself rest just


make sure to rest really give it that 60

to 90 second rest and don't go to you

fast and don't keep banging stuff out

give your body some time don't skip Lex

just don't okay that's it try it out and

see how you like that

as far as equipment goes it's the basic

stuff like a pull-up bar some weights

and some bends I have a few great links

in description that will bring you to my

go-to websites for equipment

and I got discounts discounts people

using they're there for you not for me


but now the scariest thing in the world

healthy food I know and yeah again it

can be quite hard to find the holy

recipes that work for you but hey what a

coincidence on the same spot even yeah

you can't get results of working out

alone but the results will be just so

eat healthy

hit those calories and macros but how by

my diet okay here's the clip of me

talking about your daily calorie intake

and how to look at it how to use it so

what are you gonna put in your body find

out what you need to put into your body

it's pretty easy you can find on the

internet how many calories you need just

type in how many calories do I need I've

been all the things that the sides want

to know maybe you need 2500 calories

depending on your goal you're gonna set

your calorie intake if you want to lose

weight 300 to 500 calories below your

intake to maintain and if you want to

gain weight 200 to 500 calories above

your intake to maintain what this is

mainly testing things out and see how

your body responds to certain stuff that

you do and adapting to those responses

basically if you do what I decide you

need to do you think I'm not losing any

weight lower your calories and see how

your body responds to that but what to

eat yeah so what do you need to eat fill

your calories with these basics yogurt

could be Greek yogurt could be anything

oats you can play around with this and

it's a great breakfast

obviously fruits get your fruits and

people two to three pieces a day protein

bars this additional to hit your protein

intake another way to get your protein

in our shakes protein shakes

love them or hate them fish especially

white fish Salman and tuna

meet /li need this is not a vegetarian

diet as you may have seen if that is the

case then this may probably not be the

best option as a diet for you

eggs I eat around three eggs a day

sweet potato or just potato but I prefer

sweet potato it's a lot better veggies

people get your veggies in eat him just

fill yourself up with that if you're

hungry these two things combined are key

to a perfect lifestyle don't see these

things as a program you're following or

diet no make it your lifestyle for real

okay get used to it and love it there

are some extra tips to get you started

just to repeat myself and so you don't

forget it do it for yourself no weird as

reasons just yourself enjoy what you do

find out what types of workouts work for

you and what kind of cardio works for

you running is way less effective than a

basketball game or playing some football

or whatever sport you're into first of

all it's basically his training which is

very effective for fat loss and you've

probably enjoyed a lot more than running

does you will stick to it except if you

know you're running is your thing that

you never mind keep on running don't

compare yourself to others you will

either get demotivated by people who are

bigger than you and you would think oh I

will never get there oh he's so much


oh yeah yeah yeah or what you also got

is you think it will be the after

two weeks of training and you're gonna

be an towards your friends so

that's just instead help your friends

bring them on this journey last but not

least don't be too strict on your diet

and your workouts I mean three times a

week should be doable but if you're gone

for a week

and you could only do one proper workout

that week don't decide to never go on

holiday or some like that just let

it be and yes you can also cheat in your

diet sometimes

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