10 At-Home Extracurricular Activities!

hey guys are you stuck at home and

wondering how you can fill your time

because you're going to school online

and have been told or mandated by our

government not to leave or maybe you're

just an introvert and you'd rather never

leave the house but you still want some

extracurricular activities to put on

your college application well if so in

this video I'm going to talk about 10

different extracurricular activities you

can do without leaving the confines of

your home if you're wondering 30 on my

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cool okay let's get into this list first

a disclaimer don't stress out colleges

know you can't pursue everything you

love right now they are going to be

forgiving if your activities aren't as

amazing as they always were when you're

in quarantine so even the most elite

colleges are going to be understanding

of you cutting back on activities when

you're stuck at home please take this

whole video with a grain of salt we

don't expect you to be masterminds and

geniuses with every moment that you have

stuck at home when you can't do all the

things that you usually do that being

said some of you might be bored so we

made this video number

creative rating there's lots of ways you

could do creative writing you can write

novels you can write plays you can write

short stories even screenplays and you

can submit it online to places you can

try to enter it into contests you can

try to win awards with it I've had

students get short stories published in

anthologies in school literary magazines

or in other kinds of literary magazines

that accept submissions from teenagers

there's lots of different places and get

your creative writing published so if

you're really into fiction if you really

like to be creative creative writing as

an activity you don't have to go

anywhere to do cool number two

blogging and article writing so this is

like journalistic writing you can write

like a journalist from the confines of

your home again this is actually like a

WOW factor potential activity for a lot

of students especially if you're

interested in journalism and you can get

published in a local paper one way to

start that I really like is to write

op-eds which are basically articles that

somebody in the community wrote and you

can submit them to papers unsolicited

start with your local paper that's

probably the easiest one you can also

look for programs that support teen

reporters some newspapers have a columns

where they support teen reporters and

they solicit entries from people who are

in your age group so that's also

something you can check into other

things that you can write you can

continue if you have a school newspaper

at your school you can totally write

articles from home you don't have to do

it from the newspaper room and finally

the other kind of journalistic writing

that you can do is blogging you can

start a blog on any topic that you want

and write blogs about it I will say that

like as an independent college

consultant blogging is definitely not at

the top of my list of impressive

activities it's probably one of the

least impressive activities because a

lot of people have blogs and no one

reads them so if you're writing a bunch

of articles and no one's reading your

articles it's a much less impressive

activity it doesn't mean you still can't

do it and I know a lot of my students

just really enjoy writing and so they

enjoy blogging because it's fun for them

it's kind of like keeping a diary so if

you're looking for something to do I

totally encourage it I just again with

blogging I do use a caveat that if

you're not cementing a pretty big

audience with your blog it's not

necessarily going to be the most

impressive thing in the world

number three related but slightly


pretty logging you can make little

videos if you are at home and you don't

have to go anywhere

to do it what I would encourage you to

do is not a lot of people are

necessarily just interested in you

talking about nothing but you might try

to see is there some sort of niche you

can fill right with your V logging or

with creating videos of some sort is

there an idea that you can pursue can

you make videos about something in

particular can you make a tutorial

series of videos that have a particular

purpose or that help someone or they do

something you want to think about your

audience like how can you create value

in the world what kind of information

could you share with people that would

be helpful or useful and when you start

a V log that's helpful or useful or


that's the kind of thing that people are

going to gravitate toward and you're

more likely to get more attraction and

it's more likely to be interesting

number four

composing music if you're musician write

some songs that can be impressive and

kind of cool and I definitely have

worked with students before in the past

we have some interesting stories around

their journey he trying to compose music

and how that went and being in

communities on the internet of composers

and stuff like that so interesting idea

number five on the art train you guys

who aren't creative or like Brooke do

you have anything for me stay tuned I do

number-5 art you can make art and art

can be anything like physical art it

could be painting if you'd be drawing it

could also be digital art if you're

interested in graphic design you can

teach yourself graphic design or you

could try to teach yourself software

that helps you draw or paint or whatever

it is and get into digital art or get

into graphics of some sort you can also

maybe create graphics that then you

could do for a local charity or a local

business you could use your art in ways

that help other people or think about

people who could use art and then team

with them and then that could be another

meaningful way you could do art at home

number six scientific experiments aha

finally something that's not all

creative though this is still creative

science experiments are something that

have been a really cool wow factor on

some of the students that I work with

applications and what kind of science

experiments can you do well anything

that you would bring the school science

fair is up for grabs but just to give

you a few examples Josh who was an

intern in our company a year or two ago

did a cool scientific kind of robot

experiment that he describes in is how I

got into stand for video so you can go

watch his

to see what he did I've also had

students build robots that like fry eggs

and do other random tasks around the

house and those have made for kind of

fun interesting topics I have students

who've built rockets to try to go into

you know deeper in the Earth's

atmosphere and take pictures of the

whole thing which has been like kind of

fascinating and interesting I also had a

student a while back who did some

chemistry research that was really

interesting that was trying to solve

some particular questions with global

warming and she was able to like by

chemistry lab get stuff on the internet

to try to answer these questions and run

experiments and she could do that at

home there's all sorts of fun things

that you guys can do science experiment

wise and if you're stuck at home and all

you've got is you and your backyard and

online shopping this could be something

that you could turn into a really cool

essay when you apply to college or just

that would fill your time and that would

be fun to do that's also totally legit

like all of these yes you could put them

on your college application but it's

also something interesting to do when

all you have in front of you is online

virtual school and you're not allowed to

hang out with your friends number seven

remote volunteer work so I know

infamously in activities colleges don't

care about I say volunteer work is one

of those but I do put a huge caveat with

it which is the idea that like half of

you guys are doing volunteer work so

it's not a standout activity because

most of you are doing it and they only

want to make it a scene that activity is

to do it in a standout way that being

said it doesn't mean you shouldn't do

volunteer work and volunteer work school

but you can do remote volunteer work and

actually that might make for any more

interesting essay than real volunteer

work because how do you volunteer when

you can't go anywhere in person tutoring

I know I tutor online all the time I

don't see why you guys couldn't remote

tutors so if you knew students in need

or you wanted to coordinate a new

program where you can even start a

program at your high school cuz you've

got all these people who are probably

home and who can't go anywhere on both

ends of the spectrum both students who

could use tutoring and you guys could

you create a tutoring network that could

be interesting you could work for a

project like the Gutenberg Project which

needs lots of people to like proofread

OCR scanned texts you could also work

with like a non-profit and be their

social media person and probably do that

remotely especially because a lot of

companies are closed right now

depending on when you watch this video

but there you go remote volunteer work

or even work you can even get a remote

job number eight coding so coding can

take a lot of different forms that could

be app development

it could be learning coding it could be

website development it could also be

like data crunching I had a student a

while back who did a really interesting

like epidemiology study and she was

crunching data from a publicly available

database and just trying to see if she

could track certain trends with illness

and she ended up getting into a top-10

school using that as part of a fodder

for her essays and things like that and

I thought it was fascinating and really

interesting the kind of research that

she was doing so you can used to use

coding to do interesting stuff a lot of

people are doing coding so to stand out

in that field you really have to do

something original but you've got to

start somewhere and if you don't really

know how to code the first step is to

learn how to code and that can be a way

that you fill your time number-9 online


now copy out with the online learning if

you are online learning in a way and you

want to impress colleges with it I

generally recommend that you try to do

something accredited but if you don't

really care about impressing colleges

and you just want to fill your time and

you want to do something valuable for

yourself you can use MOOCs there's so

many cool online courses and a lot of

its free you can even take classes from

like Stanford and Harvard and all this

stuff and you can learn online and it's

just a great way to spend your time and

to enhance what you already know again a

lot of students will put MOOCs as like

activities that they do on their college

application it's generally not a good

cornerstone activity because it's not

something that I can like follow up on I

can't leave verify that you did

everything the class asked you to do

most of the time you don't get a grade

for like a MOOC so it's it's not as

verifiable it doesn't mean don't put it

down if you did it but it's kind of

icing on the cake sprinkles on the

cupcake kind of activity but still can

be really valuable for you and your

brain then you can explore ideas that

interest you and that's where I would

say it's still potentially a very

valuable number ten would be making

things what do I mean by making things

well the sky's the limit and if you're

creative you can figure out something to

make making things could be building

something I have some students who've


how they've done construction work or

built things it could be making a

product I have some students who are

like entrepreneurs and who made an

invention and they like created the

prototype of the invention coddling

things together in their house heck you

can even make food got something you can

make I do I do have a student once who

got into an Ivy League school and she

was super passionate about cooking and

that's what she made she would make

these really elaborate dishes and she

wrote a whole essay on it and it was

really a fun funny essay about all the

elaborate foods that she cooked so

whatever inspires you if you are a maker

make something that excites you and

sometimes those can be really wow factor

things because it's so creative and it's

so unique again if you're trying to

stand out like doing something different

from everyone else is the way to stand

out and so think about how you can do

that if that's your goal and if you just

want to fill your time think about what

you care about you know and and find

ways to explore the world and explore

your own curiosity I hope you guys like

this video if so please give it a thumbs

up if you have other ideas that you

think I left out put them in the

comments below I know I'm severely

lacking in sports and I'm sorry I don't

have any athletic ideas for you but

maybe some of you guys do thanks for

joining us I will see you guys next time

ciao for now