When to start using Eye-Creams; Eye-Cream Series Part 2.

so I think one of the first things

people don't know about is when to start

using eye cream the easiest way to say

this is we want to start using eye cream

to keep the area hydration so that it

doesn't fold and gashes dry and crinkly

and wrinkly as a board if it was dry if

you have dry skin naturally and you're

in your teens or early 20s I'd say start

using it a little bit earlier just

because dry skin doesn't tend to age

quite as well as naturally oily skin so

if you do find that as you're going to

your you know mid-teens or whatever you

are dry start on your hydration there

even if you're just using a nice light

day daily moisturizing fluidity even

just talking with that is okay but start

moisturizing the area definitely from

aerilon find that you're not quite dry

around the area and your skin is lovely

and moist and plump and very very firm

and all that you could probably weight

to your mid 20s and gone into your you

have come in late 20s and then once he

hit 30 definition absolutely be using

your eye cream but the air here the

better really just if you do start early

don't do something that's not

age-appropriate so don't use anything

front e aging or that's too richer and

then I thought just a nice really light

hydrating eye cream you should also make

sure that there's SPF and sun protection

in your eye cream no matter what age or

because sun damage is one of the most

damaging and things to the skin in

general but also to the eye area because

it is so so fine and thin it does get it

can just get damaged so so easily so

some black is something you want to know

passion all your eye creams regardless

what age here when you're thinking about

daytime obviously for nighttime you

don't need to be used on block at all

then once you kind of hit your thirties

and you're going into your mid thirties

early forties that's when you can kind

of start thinking about your anti-aging

stuff so you can go into your slightly

richer creams and start using your

serums and using certain ingredients

which I'll go into in a minute but yeah

just always think about what's

appropriate for your age as well and

obviously probably for your skin type