Ophthalmology: What to Expect | Cincinnati Children's

hi and welcome to the division of

pediatric ophthalmology at Cincinnati

Children's Hospital we want you to know

what to expect during your visit so we

can work together to meet your child's

needs first let's get you checked in to

make things go smoothly you want to

bring your insurance card previous exam

records and any questions you may have

having questions ready will help us give

you answers from the specialists on our


once you go back to the examination room

you and your child can stay together

through the whole process will go over

your child's medical history even if you

are a returning patient

this will help us keep updated history

for any follow-up visits we also may

need to update your child's medication

list let's begin the pre testing portion

of the examination these are all

painless and straightforward these tests

will examine your child's depth

perception eye alignment visual acuity

and people reaction

we will carefully examine each eye and

ask your child to follow lights and

objects as well as identify pictures

symbols or letters we will check your

child's eye alignment by covering one

eye and then the other our specialists

use developmentally appropriate

techniques to match your child's

abilities these tests vary depending on

your child's needs and could take up to

20 minutes after pre testing we may need

to dilate your child's eyes but don't

worry this is nothing to be afraid of

the dilation drops do not hurt it may

feel like saltwater going into the eye

but the feeling will go away within 10

to 15 seconds

these drops will help the doctor have a

better view of your child's eye during

examination some parents have found it

helpful to practice using saline

eyedrops at home to help know what to

expect before coming in after 30 to 45

minutes the dilation drops will take

effect and the technician will call you

back for the final portion of your

child's examination

the physician will follow up to check

your child's eyes with lights and other


it is important at the end of your

examination that you take time to

understand the instructions from your

care team along with any prescriptions

and treatments they recommend you may

need to schedule follow-up appointments

so we can monitor your child's health

together knowing what to expect can help

you prepare for your visit and make the

experience a good one when you leave we

want you to leave happy

at Cincinnati Children's we want to give

you the best care possible you can count

on us

to take care of you and any concerns you

may have we offer ophthalmology services

at the main burnett campus and five

neighborhood locations