$125 In 45 Minutes, How To Do A Fall Leaf Clean Up #3, Bagging Leaves | Simple Basic Clean Up

hey what's up guys brought here Brian's

all maintenance hey trust you guys are

all doing well we're gonna do another

clean up this morning it is the end of

the season it's late

no it's December first or second I don't

even know man it all kind of blends

together so I got my buddy he's the one

that's gonna be starting his landscaping

business that next year helping me out

today Saturday morning this cleanup

right here is gonna be about a hundred

bucks let me do a little walk-around for

you guys and show you what we do again I

know a lot of you guys appreciate videos

like this and just kind of learning the

business I wish people did these videos

ten years ago when I got started let me

just show you guys a just a typical

cleanup a really basic cleaning up how

we do our fall cleanups and just you

know what would price again this is like

little 3,000 square foot homes these are

like 300 grand value homes so they're

really simple subdivision style Lots

you know 3500 4000 square feet so let me

do a quick walk around and we'll show

you guys how we do them so we're gonna

tag all these bushes really quick clean

these guys up all the way to the base

pull all the tall grasses extremely

simple stuff most of this is just

overgrown grass but we'll clean it up a

little bit let's take a look at the

backyard we'll do that come in with the

mower and the leaves this stuff I love

this stuff this is the tall grass this

stuff is a pain and the tall grass just

kidding we'll clean up these shrubs

clean up all these guys we don't this up

prune this guy all that grass back there

I'll try to clean it up but we'll

probably leave it because that's got to

be pulled that's like landscaping stuff

and we'll vacuum all these leaves blow

it away from the trim of the house pull

all these guys all the tall grasses and

clean up these shrubs a little bit too

and bring all these guys so I'm pretty

simple not something like this probably

hundreds maybe 125 take me my guy 45

minutes to do this it's not really that

big of a deal that tall grass though

makes me kind of I might charge him 125

because I hate that tall grass

I hate tall grass so much because I got

a hold of the whip hey I don't have a

dump trailer so I got a bag that kind of

stuffs a lot of you guys s like do I

know exactly when to charge every time

no I always tell my customers

we'll give them a range like 90 to 150

and I tell them like what kind of you

know price it out as we go

obviously we're if we're here longer

we've pruned more we're gonna charge

them a little bit more and if it doesn't

take me as much time then I'm fair to my

customers and we just charge them less

pretty straightforward
















alright guys so here's the front bed

looking pretty clean here's the other

bed up front just got to pull these tall

grasses when I take a quick second and

then we got everything in the yard

alright guys time to do the most fun

part and that is break tall grass again

I don't have anywhere to put it can't

dump this kind of stuff in the woods so

I just got a bag it







all right guys gonna wrap this one up

give you a final walk around looking

pretty fresh

we'll probably charge about 125 for this

guy just because there's more pruning

that was involved so $90 is kind of what

I charge for a little lots like this and

again it's nothing crazy it doesn't take

that long with recording moving the

camera around a whole bunch of times so

that's just about an hour not even

turned out pretty fresh

all right guys we're gonna wrap this one

up hopefully enjoyed it Brandon

you wanna get a camera how many people

are doing this neighbor 150 a good 15 15

people so when people are like oh it's

$125 to do a cleanup compared to having

15 community I think it's like of some

church helping out I'm not like ripping

on them I'm just saying mmm it takes you

know 15 people to do what you mean it in

an hour not even not even 45 minutes and

so when people scoff at your prices

just remember it's either us or you have

that 15 people come in help but anyway

I'm just having some fun all right guys

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the time so guys we'll catch up with you

here soon thanks again for watching

myself Ryan and Brian saw maintence

we'll catch you on the next one buh-bye