hey friends welcome back and welcome if

you're new

today i am very excited to share with

you guys

how i plan and kind of strategize

for my seasonal decor and today we're

going to be talking about

all things fall so i'm so excited

but the reason being that i'm sharing

this today and i know that it's

mid-july but i'm someone

that likes to decorate and prepare early

for the seasons

fall is one of my favorite times of the

year so i really like to plan

in mid to late july and then because of


i'll be decorating mid to late august to

give you guys inspiration

for september and october so if you ever

see a youtuber

post decor content a little bit earlier

than the norm

that's why we're just trying to give you

inspiration early

so i thought how fun would it be to sit

down today

and kind of walk you through some of the


that i use to kind of plan strategize

budget a little bit for fall decor now

i did do a little shopping already not

gonna lie

and so if you're interested in seeing

what i purchased at

hobby lobby for fall make sure you stick

around to

the end of this video so when it comes

to planning for my seasonal decor

the first thing of course that i'm going

to do is take

inventory of what i already have the

best thing you can do is shop your home

and shop pieces that are a

non-seasonal so those staple pieces of


or something that you can use in year

round look at those

first and then go into your basement or

your attic or wherever you keep your

seasonal decor

open up a few of those boxes and really

take inventory of what you have

i cannot tell you how many times i think

oh my goodness i have so much decor that

i want to buy or i need to buy

and before i go shopping i go and i look

in those bins

and i'm like oh wow i already have some

of that or

i have a lot more than i thought i did

that stops you

from buying too much and buying clutter

and just buying what you don't need

so take inventory first and then what i

recommend doing once you kind of have a

mental picture of what you have and some

of your favorite pieces

go ahead walk around your home in


this is one of my favorite things to do

before i decorate a space

i walk around different areas in my home

and kind of visualize how i want to

decorate this space and then i can take

those mental notes and say okay

i have pumpkins to fill this space but

if i want pumpkins over here on the

mantel i'm going to need to get more

or that kind of thing and when i walk

through my home and kind of take that

actual inventory i will have my phone

out and i'll have google keep or notes

or something like that up

and i will write out a shopping list of

what i

want now this doesn't mean i just say oh

i want this i want this i want this and

i buy it

of course not but this is kind of my

again i'm daydreaming

and this is like my dream shopping list

okay and then

when i actually go shopping i shop deals

and i get

the most i can with my budget but i do

recommend to do this because

it really gives you inspiration moving

ahead and picking

what colors and what you really want to

go with so then

i like to go on pinterest shocker i know

and i will search the first thing i'll

do is i'll do a very broad

search meaning i'll put in fall 2020


or fall 2020 color schemes or something

like that

and i see what pops up what are what is

popular this year

and what's everyone up to and what are

going to be the popular color trends

because i can guarantee you that's what

you're going to see in the stores

so i'll kind of look through there and

what i did is i

was really drawn to traditional

fall colors with some neutral modern


meaning rustic reds and burnt orange and

yellow and things like that but i'm

going to incorporate more neutral

pumpkins i'm not going to go with

orange pumpkins per se i might do whites

or creams or really light greens

and that kind of thing so that's the

first thing i'll do and then what i'll


is i will that's kind of the 10 000 foot

view of my fall decor steam

color scheme then i'll kind of take it

down to the 5 000 foot view

and i'll look around and i'll say what

are the main areas i want to decorate

that i know i can do within my budget

so that might be my mantel or

my entryway table or my bench area in my

sitting room

areas that i know i really really want

to decorate and that way they can be the

top of my priority

list when it comes to actually going to

the stores and doing

the shopping that was a 5000 foot view

then i take it down to the actual areas

and so let's say i know i want to

decorate my bench area for fall

i will then go on to pinterest again and

i'll type in

fall bench decor ideas or something like


and i'll also look at different blog

posts and on instagram

i might search a hashtag fall bench area

or something

and that's when i really start to

brainstorm and come together with a

tangible shopping list once i have that


it's time to shop which this is the fun


and the first thing i'll do early july

ish mid july

ish give or take as soon as possible i

will always

look on etsy for pieces first i

love shopping seasonally on etsy but it

does take a week or two

sometimes more to get items shipped so

you want to do that with plenty of time

to spare

but then once i kind of have shopped a

few pieces on etsy

this year i think i only bought maybe

two items i showed you one

in a previous decor hall it was the

annie green people sign

then i will actually hit the stores and

so far the only place i've actually gone


hobby lobby which i'll show you a little

decor haul in just a minute

um but i'll go to places like my

favorites are probably hobby lobby

for seasonal decor i love kirkland's

home goods

tj maxx marshalls those kinds of stores

so when it comes to budgeting for

seasonal decor every season looks

different every life stage looks


and i want to encourage you first before

i even go into this

if you're in a place right now um

especially with everything going on and

you're like i don't even think i'm gonna

decorate for the seasons this year

that is totally okay and you are one

thousand percent justified in that

decorating your house for fall does it

make you a better mom it doesn't make

you a better wife or homemaker

i just do this simply because it's fun

and i hope that it brings y'all

enjoyment too

i don't want to make it seem like

anything else so i just wanted to

put a disclaimer on that but if you are

decorating and you want to get the most

for your money

the first thing i encourage you to do is

go around your home and

find what you can sell you would be

amazed i'm somebody that's a little bit

of a decor

hoarder i love decor it's like the one

thing i actually buy for myself

i'm not really much of a clothing

shopper i'm not really into baby clothes

i don't really have like a thing that i

buy other than decor so i do have a


to splurge on my decor but

on the same hand when i realized a piece

isn't really bringing me joy anymore

or it's not bringing me value or i'm not

using it and it's sitting in my basement

i'll throw it up on facebook marketplace

or on instagram and share with my

friends and see

who wants to buy it and you'd be amazed

at how quickly

some of those items can sell and then

all of a sudden you have a budget

for fall decor so that's kind of the

method i do

beyond that i don't have some specific

number i'm not going to break down math

and everybody's budget is going to look


but that's just one creative way i want

to encourage you guys with

if you're looking at to get a few extra

dollars for

buying some fall decor if you don't have

any extra decor lying around and it's

sparse at your home because maybe you

just moved or

you're still trying to build up your

decor i want to say it took me

years to build up the decor that i have

when i first got married or had my first

apartment or my first house

i hardly had anything so i'm not saying

we all have tons of decor lying around

last year i sold candles i made my own

soy candles and i sold them to friends

and family i have a video on it i'll

link it up here

and that was a fun way to make a little

extra money to buy some ball decor that

i wanted

so there's always creative ways to go

about buying some things if you don't

really have the actual budget for it

i hope that process of how i kind of


for my decor on pinterest to make sense

and i'll pop up a few of my favorite

pins so far for 2020

and that way you got to get a little

sneak peek of what i'm eyeing and what

i'm really drawn towards

i'm really into that cozy cottagey

farmhouse feel for fall i love all the

rustic touches

i think they're so beautiful i apologize

if you can hear my kiddos in the


mom life it is what it is but i hope you


the first part of this video and that i

gave you ideas for planning and

budgeting and getting ready for fall

but let's go ahead and talk about some

decor that i've already picked up this


i'm zoomed in a little bit so you can

see some of my decor better but

the first area that i'm going to talk

about are fall florals

i made a b-line for the floral section

at hobby lobby

because their florals can get sparse


and i wasn't sure how many trucks they

were getting and that kind of thing this


so i made a beeline and i was so

pleasantly surprised with what i found

now these are technically picks not

florals in the wreath

section i found in the fall area but

they are

i don't know what they're called but

they are little kind of brownish yellow


floral stems and i got four of them i'm

not totally sure yet

um where the where they'll end up but

very least

they'll look really cute in like a

little mason jar

or a small base the next floral stamps i

picked up

are kind of almost like a wheat look

or feel but they have little palms palms

on them like you call those little

pom-pom kind of things they look like


and they're quite tall and i got

three of them i believe but again i just

thought these would be really pretty

filler and a pitcher

and a vase around my home another thing

i picked up

was some dried wheat

i thought it was really pretty and this

not only could it obviously go in the

vase or something but you could also

just kind of lay it in a basket

or um lay it on your hutch or lay it on

top of

you know layer it with things and that

kind of thing and this is a huge bunch

so i'll definitely be able to break it

up and use it in various

areas and rooms now these were

my favorite floral finds these are the

prettiest burnt orange color

and i'm not sure if they're supposed to

bend out or not they're supposed to look

like this

i'll have to play around with it but i

got three of them i just was in love

with the color and thought these would


gorgeous um in like a picture

on the floor even i have like a tall

galvanized picture i could put them in

or in a base or something if you can't


when i decorate for the seasons i really

florals and greenery are like the number

one thing i like to change out

they add so much color and contrast to

the space

they bring life to the space and so i

always like to start there

so if you've ever been to hobby lobby to

shop for fall decor then you know

that they have just a regular pumpkin

section where they have all different

kinds of ceramic pumpkins

and standalone pumpkins but what i

decided to do i did get a couple of

those you'll see in a second but a bulk

of the pumpkins that i bought this year

were actually in the floral pick section

where i got these

first florals at it's the area where you

can make wreaths and things

and i got a bunch of these

white pumpkins they have gorgeous

greenery on them already

so that's a plus i won't have to buy

that much more they have cute little hay

on them or straw i should say not hey

and i'm thinking that these will be

gorgeous filler

all over on a mantel or

on your hutch or in a basket or


it's like creamish white color and i

like that these are rustic pumpkins

they're not perfectly shaped

i got them in that cream color but then

i also found pics

in this pretty i would say this was a

green kind of sage green color

oh it's one of my favorites for fall one

thing i did pick up

was just another bag of these decorative

filler pumpkins

these are just like a stark white and

you honestly

can't have enough of these i think i

bought one of two of these last year and

i wish i had bought more

so i bought another one um but these are

you know you can fill them anywhere you

can put them in a bowl or a vase

i put these on my cake stand last year

in my kitchen

and they were adorable i'll probably do

that again this year

um but again filler pieces you can't go


the next thing i picked up were these

gorgeous wicker

and wood are almost wicker and twig

there's different twig there lining the


um these stackable pumpkins i love these

they're nice and flat so they stack on

top of each other really cute

and these will be adorable on a shelf or

on my entryway table or it's kind of the

plan i have right now

they are also cute just sitting side by


i love these because they were again

very neutral but have some rustic

textures they'll go with any color

scheme so hopefully i can hang on to

these for a long time

i did get just some standalone pumpkins

that don't have stems on them they don't

have any greenery or anything

um i got just they're almost like a

yellowish green they're just like very


i got several of them i also picked up

this galvanized trough it was in

the fall section and i think what i'm

going to end up doing with this

is probably not these pumpkins but fill

it with some of my smaller pumpkins that

i have and some greenery

and i might put it on my kitchen table

or maybe even my dining room table i

don't know if it's big enough for the

dining table but

something like that i think will be a

very pretty centerpiece

so i have seen this bucket for probably

two or three years of hobby lobby and

i've never bought it

and this year i don't know what came

over me but i'm like you know what i


really like to have that and i would

like to fill it with pumpkins and

different fillers

it is a galvanized bucket and it just

says hand-picked farm fresh pumpkins

50 cents a pound and it's got the nice

little like

rusted edges it looks like more

authentic that way

you can see you in here it's got like

lots of rusting on it

and it looks really really cute i'm

excited to put this somewhere in the


last year when i was filming my clean

and decorate for fall

which i cannot believe it's been a year

on youtube already

um i went to decorate for ball and i

quickly realized i had about

i had one or two fall wreaths and i

needed about

four and so i kind of just had to wing

it last year and use some wreaths that

weren't full

but this year i'm like you know what

let's get one or two more and that way

when it does come time to decorate some

of the window panes and things

i feel prepared and i really really love

this space so the first wreath i picked


is this very neutral it has gold and


and greens and it's just really simple

and i liked it because of that um it

didn't have too much going on

i figured this would be like a great

transitional wreath if i wanted to put

it out

you know in august or september it's not

like screaming halloween or anything

and on that same note i also picked up

this tri colored wreath i

love this was like when i saw this i was

like oh this is perfect

because these are like the three colors

that i'm really really trying to

go with and work with this season and so

i thought it would match everything

really well i can't wait to hang this up

i think it's so so pretty

that was everything i picked up at hobby

lobby i did want to quickly

mention this as well because i picked it

up the other day i was shopping with my


i was out of town and i went to this

cute little local boutique

and i picked up this like mini pedestal

and i thought

this would be perfect for holding a

candle and this is not this is one of

those items it's not the fall decor

but i immediately thought of fall when i

saw it and

i was so excited they actually had these

little mini candle wreaths

and it's green but it has like specks of

gold and yellow

in there so it definitely screams fall

and then cherry on top of the sundae

they had all of these

homemade candles and i bought two and

it's called

warm cinnamon buns and you have to smell

it right

oh it just smells so good i already have

one burning behind me even though it's

not full yet

it is so cozy and warm but it's just

gonna sit just like this

and i thought this would be really

pretty during the fall months any links

or anything for you with these

but i figured this might give you

inspiration i know that these sell on


as well as these probably i'll try to

find links if i can

i wanted to share with you guys because

it was something i recently picked up

you guys now that i'm surrounded with

all this fall decor

i hope you enjoyed this video and then i

gave you tons of fall decorating ideas


inspiration i hope that you found it


versus just a regular haul that i was

able to kind of explain to you guys how

i plan

and budget and shop for my seasonal

decor and that i just gave you

some encouragement and maybe a few ideas

how you can go about buying

seasonal decor this year if you did like

this video make sure you give it a big

thumbs up

say hi in the comments let me know what

was your favorite decor

piece or when you plan on decorating for

fall this year

i know it is still summer we're still

going to the pool every day

i'm still enjoying this heat um but it

is fun to think ahead and it's fun to

just think about something

that feels normal and it makes us all

happy so that a lot of you feel the same


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