How to Start a Fall Vegetable Garden - 8 Seeds to Plant / Fall Garden Series #1 🍁🥦🍁🌿

hi everyone well today we're gonna share eight vegetables that you can plant for

your fall garden it's crazy to think that fall is coming it seems like summer

really never got here but finally we're into some summer and it's almost over so

it went so fast but the cool weather is coming soon so the vegetables we're

gonna talk about today are vegetables that go grow great in the cool weather

some even tolerate light frost for those of you that get an early winter where

you live reading and I think there's a lot of you out there who are who want to

start because you know fall planting is coming but you're afraid you don't know

how to do it you're gonna do it wrong I'm telling you this is the best time to

start because you're gonna have these videos and plenty of support in the

comments lots of requests for container gardening videos and right over here we

have a wonderful garden and probably a six by three spot so if you have a

little patio or balcony or some little space that you can grow veggies now's

the time to start well if you're brand new to gardening you're in the right

place but you might be wondering what is a fall garden well there's two different

types of vegetables the warm weather vegetables like the tomatoes squash

cucumbers peppers that grow best in warmer temperatures of summer and

there's cool weather vegetables that grow best in temperatures under

seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit and some will even take a light frost so those

are vegetables like broccoli cauliflower radishes peas lettuce

they grow beautifully in the fall and if you get them established some of them

will even grow in the first parts of the winter if you live in a warm weather

climate like I do here in Southern California you can grow these cool

weather vegetables all winter long so today we're going to do a couple of

different things we're gonna start some from seed that you can grow indoors

while it's still hot outside then have them ready to place outdoors in the

garden as the temperature cools and we're also going to plant some directly

in containers here so that they will start to grow and be ready to harvest in

about four to six weeks now I've had a lot of questions how do I know if I have

time to start a fall garden and what you want to do is check the Farmers Almanac

web you can type in your zip code and see

when the very first frost date happens in your area and then you want to back

up your planting about four to eight weeks before that so a lot of you might

be coming up on that eight week time period and we're going to plant some

really quick growing vegetables that you can get a harvest in about four to six

weeks right here in these little containers so that you can still get

them planted now we're partnering up with smart pots for this video and we're

gonna plant in these 5-gallon smart pots and this little purple smart pots right

here and these are available on my website and I am running a sale this

weekend 15% off with the code fall you can get

these in my fall garden collection everything in one spot to get you going

now to set your containers up you definitely want to use a high-quality

bagged potting mix avoid the temptation to go out to your garden and dig up soil

and fill your containers your garden soil is just not light enough you need

something that has its full of nutrients nice and light and fluffy that's gonna

allow your seeds to germinate really well and retain water and what you also

want to do before you plant your seeds is pre moisten your potting mix put it

in your containers add some water mix it around until it's about the consistency

of a crumbly brownie mix that way it's gonna retain water and your seeds will

get off to a really good start so first off we're gonna plant one of the

quickest growing vegetables that you can plant and one of my favorites and that

is radishes so let me grab my little radish packet here I was gonna guess

lettuce lettuce is a quick growing one too but radishes are really fun to plant

with kids because they sprout and probably a week or so and you could

harvest them in just about three weeks I thought you're calling me the kid or

with big kid by the kid kids here this is the French breakfast radish and

jerry' is gonna help me plant him here okay so you're just gonna pour some

seeds into your hand and Jerry you've done this enough time so fully here we

remember how to do it but if it's getting cooler where you live even

around 80 degrees you can get the radishes planted and

you can even shade them if you have a little last-minute heat spell so just

pinch them in between your fingers Jerry okay and you're going to sprinkle them

just in a circle here around the container and if you even if you have

just one little container to grow in just do it

the beauty of growing in containers is the accessibility you have quick access

to your vegetables right outside your kitchen door and they're portable you

can move them all over the place and the smart pots are breathable so they

actually keep your vegetables cooler in the hot weather okay if I'm doing it you

can do it so I just did some right here okay cool we're actually gonna fill this

container with water see gotcha so the beauty of radishes is that their root

vegetables so they're perfect for the Fall and because they grow in the soil

or the roots actually grow under the soil if you do get a frost they're gonna

be a little bit more protected and you can also eat the leafy tops of their

radishes as well so we're gonna fill this container with some beautiful

French breakfast radishes they're kind of an elongated radish a little bit

sweeter than your typical radish they have kind of a white top and then a

pinkish bottom they're absolutely beautiful and these are all in my fall

garden seed collection okay okay Jerry nice job the next one we're gonna plant

here in this five gallon Callie came smart pots is the lettuce now you guys

know I love to grow my own salads lettuce is the perfect vegetable to

start with so if you don't plant anything else or grow anything else and

grow some lettuce so we can do the look okay I'll do the lettuce

this is one of my favorite varieties it's the prize head it's a beautiful

kind of ruffled variety with sort of a burgundy purplish kind of color and this

is also in my fall garden seed collection so lettuce is so easy to

plant you can see the seeds are really tiny you just sprinkle them in your

container so I wasn't too far off when I guess lettuce you were very good yeah so

I'm just sprinkling seeds in here and the great thing about lettuce is it

grows fast you can harvest it in about six weeks

and it'll grow best in temperatures under 75 degrees so again if you get a

hot spell just push your container into the shade that's the beauty of growing

Incan in containers or cover it with a piece of shade cough

now the third vegetable easy to grow is peas the beauty of peas is they sprout

super fast you can grow them vertically which is great if you have a small space

so I just set up a little trellis here in my cowlick in 5-gallon these are just

tree branches they're just branches I was just noticing that I was saving all

the branches and you were saying what their worldly gonna do with all those

well now we're using in so little marvel peas are a beautiful little shelling pea

and the reason why they're so great to plant in containers is because they're a

more compact variety so they grow fast you'll be harvesting them in about 6

weeks and they're gonna grow apps like beautifully in your fall garden another

really fun thing to do with kids so even if you just have three little containers

you plant peas lettuce and radishes your kids are gonna love it you'll get

outside together and there's nothing like growing your own vegetables this is

a fairly quick turnaround for a beginner or first-time error that kind of a thing

because you're going to see some growth coming up pretty quickly absolutely see

that quick growth you know give your kids that immediate satisfaction and

even you that immediate satisfaction it does help yeah it really does help

it was lettuce you don't even have to cover the seeds it's so easy you're just

gonna lightly press the seeds down into the soil because the seeds need light to

germinate so lightly press them down and you are good to go with the radishes

though we are gonna kind of lightly sprinkle the soil over the top and keep

an eye on those radishes because you before you know it they are gonna be

busting through the soil how much fun is that we love that don't we cherry when

we see the little sprouts popping up uh-huh so now if it's still hot where

you live like it is here in Southern California

just be patient you're cool their vegetables are not going to grow

beautifully in the heat but as soon as the temperature cools off there

to be busted through the soil and growing beautifully so I see a couple of

seeds not a big deal right well we're gonna cover those actually with radish

seeds you do want to cover anyone you do want them to get covered definitely not

the lettuce season that the radish seeds you do so in southern climates you may

even want to wait to start your cooler vegetables until later in the fall when

the temperature is consistently under 80 degrees and then they're gonna grow like

crazy so besides direct seeding some of your core they're vegetables right in

your containers the other option you have is to start some seeds indoors now

why in the world would you start seeds indoors well if it's still really hot

where you're at say over 80 degrees you can get these cool other vegetables

started inside where the temperature is more controlled that way in about 4

weeks you're gonna have transplants ready to plant into the garden as the

weather cools off so it really saves you some time and also starting from seed

saves you a lot of money you can grow a lot more interesting vegetables and it's

just a whole lot of fun so here I started these about two weeks ago

they're growing beautifully indoors under grow lights I have some broccoli

some cauliflower a really nice variety of red cabbage these are the little

marbled peas I just planted and I've got some kohlrabi and something else right

here oh yes collard greens so we're going to start all these vegetables

right here and then grow them indoors so it's super easy don't be intimidated if

you've never done it before you can use all different kinds of supplies you can

just find around your house you can just fill the plastic cups with soil you can

grab these at the garden center these are little yogurt containers as

long as you have holes in the bottom you are good to go so I'm gonna plant some

seeds here and these little seed cells you can pick up those on Amazon too if

you want to first I'm gonna plant some broccoli seeds so broccoli is a

beautiful cool weather vegetable to grow you guys are going to love this now as

the weather cools off you can also plant these seeds directly in your containers

or in your garden beds so I'm just gonna sprinkle a few little seeds in each seed

cell here I've got my label with the date on the back so I don't forget the

date I planted it and I'm just gonna sprinkle a little bit of soil over the

top just to cover the sea and these will go indoors under grow

lights now if you've never setup girl lights before again don't be intimidated

I've got a video that explains exactly what to do with three easy setups that

are very inexpensive to get going so you can go over and check out that video

I'll put a link in the video description for that the fifth cool weather

vegetable that we're gonna plant today is some cauliflower if you've never

grown your own fresh cauliflower you really have to try it we are really into

eating rice colorful color flour right now as opposed to rice it's delicious

its flavorful and tasty and it really helps cut down on your carbs too so grow

your own color flour and make your own healthy food and you wonder water when

you first plant seeds the water and very lightly so you don't displace the seeds

so either use a spray bottle or just pour a little bit of water in the bottom

of your tray here and then the seed cells will just soak it right up and

they'll have the water they need so the second way you can start seeds indoors

in a really fun easy way is by starting them in peat pellets if you've never

used peat pellets before they're a lot of fun they start off in a compressed

little disc of soil like this this is a larger size they expand to about three

inches tall or you can use this smaller size which expands to about an inch and

a half tall so all you have to do is just add water to a tray they blow up

and expand like this you don't have to worry about any soil and they just work

out really well no fuss no muss you really can't get easier than starting

from seed in peat pellets so once they've expanded like this you just pull

apart the pellets to kind of loosen the netting but I like to just grab a little

pencil to kind of loosen up the soil and we can get ready to plant our seeds now

the six vegetable to plant in your fall garden is cabbage today we're gonna

plant this red acre cabbage aren't those leaves absolutely beautiful so this is a

beautiful variety and the reason why I really love red acre cabbage because

it's a smaller variety so it's a little bit easier for me to grow here in

Southern California where we do get some hot days in the winter time and it does

mature a lot quicker than the big heads so it's also wonderful to

plant in containers so we're gonna plant some seeds here in the pellets and the

crazy thing is about a lot of these fall vegetables is the seeds look really

similar so try not to get your seeds mixed up as you can see the seeds look

really similar to the cauliflower and the broccoli we're just gonna pop two or

three seeds in each peat pellet here super easy super quick and we're just

gonna press the seeds down into the soil with my pencil here making sure they're

all covered up and then we're just gonna spray them lightly with water and of

course don't forget to label them the seventh vegetable we're gonna plant in

our fall garden is collards now if you've never grown collards before they

are a superfood there are a delicious tasty tasty green they're super super

Hardy they will take Frost they're also very heat tolerant so you can actually

even direct see these out in your garden or in your containers right now but I

always love to start from seed indoors too just so I have backups going so

plant these in the same way pop a few seeds in the pellets cover them with

soil mist them with water and then we're good to go and the eighth vegetable I'm

gonna plant today in my fall garden is kohlrabi now I want you to let me know

in the comments down below if you've ever grown kohlrabi it's probably one of

the most interesting looking vegetables I've ever grown it kind of looks like

and above the ground type of radish with little roots sticking out of it believe

me guys you're gonna want to grow kohlrabi it's such a unique and tasty

vegetable it kind of tastes like a broccoli stem but it loves the cool

weather and it's a it's almost like a conversation piece it's so much fun

you're gonna love growing it your kids are gonna love growing it you'll love

posting pictures on Instagram it's just a really fun vegetable to grow so we've

got our seeds planted press it down with soil mist it with water and in here we

have little cool Robby's that have been growing for about two weeks so these

will be getting planted outdoors soon - wow this is absolutely fantastic

it's gorgeous this is gonna be fun to do together and I'm very excited to read

down in the comments below from those of you

have now decided I'm in we're gonna do this we're totally excited about it

also want to thank smart pots for partnering with us in this video we love

your smart pots and we also know that all of you love them as well now if you

want to get started I've designed a fall garden seed collection there's 15

varieties in here and I really designed it with you in mind to really keep it

easy everything you need in one spot personal takes the guesswork out and get

them for 15% off with the code fall until Tuesday August 20th and that

applies to all my seed collections and and the SmartPak metallic some smart pod

containers too that's fantastic that's right so please let us know if you're

starting your fall garden even if you're just growing one container you are a

gardener thanks so much for watching we'll see on the video