COMPLETE FARMING GUIDE for Borderlands 2: Handsome Collection! (Guns, Gear, & Eridium!)

what is up guys we're caucus you're

going over the farming guide for

Borderlands 2 with the release of the

handsome collection a lot of new players

are coming into Borderlands 2 and don't

want to sift through a ton of different

guides so this one video is going to

give you pretty much everything you need

for farming and getting the items you

want in Borderlands 2 so let's get right

into it the first method is a way to

upgrade your weapons and gear now it's

going to be in the captain Scarlett's

DLC portion of the game once you've

beaten the captain Scarlets campaign

you'll kind of spoilers coming up but

you'll fight this giant Leviathan now

once you beat him you can go into a room

where there's a ton of lootable chests

now the cool thing is us a lot of these

chests have skulls on them there's

special chests and nothing below blue

gear spawns in them so you have an

increased chance to get pretty much

everything in want and that includes

legendary orange weapons and gear now

you're only supposed to do this once but

there is a way where you can continue

farming this treasure room getting a

[ __ ] ton of loot all you have to do is

save it and quit and then just click

continue again to restart the game

you're going to start inside the

Leviathan stomach you run through there

fallout and you'll see the fight with

the Leviathan again luckily you actually

don't have to fight him again and he

just dies without firing a shot right in

front of you

now if you go up his arm and then divert

your path to the left you'll kind of

encounter an invisible wall go to the

left like you see me doing and you'll

encounter another invisible wall you

kind of have yourself in this invisible

corner in between two different walls

now you'll notice that when you're

actually in the corner and you jump you

can just jump normally but if you move

ever so slightly to the left and you

jump your character is going to be

prevented from jumping all the way and

you just kind of hit up kind of a

ceiling and go back down somewhere

between this kind of a few pixels of an

area is the glitch so basically is wedge

yourself in the corner kind of slide

your thumb stick you know left and right

your movement thumb sticks so you can

kind of kind of wiggle your way into

this glitch and then just mash a and B

jump and Crouch eventually and it does

take some practice to get used to so the

very first time will probably be the

longest time but eventually just kind of

wiggling around to this corner and

mashing jump and Crouch you're going to

notice something happens while you're

jumping you're suddenly going to be

propelled into the air and you'll know

that the glitch has been successful when

this happens let go of everything on

your controller and your character will

be floating in the air at this point all

you have to do is continue jumping and

you know that you jump but you don't go

back down so just jump up up higher into

the air until you can no longer jump and

you're at the top point of this glitch

once you're at the top and you can no

longer jump any higher oh if I do is

look where I'm looking and then just run

straight you're going to stop running

and hover in the middle of the air I

don't know about a little over half of

the way to the wall you're looking at

again use this video in my character for

reference but if you look down into the

right you're going to see a different

color darker rock that is covering over

the entrance of the treasure room you

run at this darker rock and you'll

notice your character will fall but

hopefully you'll be in a position that

you land

on this rock now once you land on this

rock there's going to be another

off-color rock kind of right in front of

you again you'll see in this video

exactly where I go you'll stick your

head into here and you'll actually see

that you go through this rock you go

through the wall then there's gonna be

two triangular rocks just run in between

them and continue running straight

without diverting your course and you

will end up in the treasure room

now from this point you just loot the

treasure room save and quit continue and

keep doing it over and over again until

you get the desired loot now this

farming technique is good because it

just gives you a general amount of very

good gear it's pretty good if you like

want to upgrade your gear before a big

boss fight or in between playthroughs of

the campaign because you don't always

want a legendary like gold gear

sometimes you just want a bunch of good

purples to get you a head start into the

next thing you're doing and that's what

that farming guide is for now the next

farming technique is specifically to get

legendary gold or orange gear not to

mention it also has the benefit of being

a great way to farm pearlescent guns

which are the most rare guns in the

entire game now for this farming run

what you're going to have to do is have

the doctor's orders quest active this is

like absolutely essential and you get

this quest when you get sent to the

Hyperion exploitation preserve by

Mordecai in the campaign just pop in to

see Tanis and she will have this quest

again accept it but do not complete you

have to have it on in the background now

once you get to the Hyperion

exploitation preserve you're going to

run through the majority of the map

skipping a lot of enemies until you get

to this special room where the farming

is actually going to take place but it's

kind of weird to explain because farming

takes place along the route now what I

mean by this is during your route to

this actual room where the farming is

there's also going to be opportunities

to farm enemies again just on the route

to bosses pomona and tomba will spawn

during this route and they both have a

chance to drop their own legendary items

not to mention that again along this

route you do have a chance for tubby

enemies to spawn tubby

enemies have a pretty much guaranteed

drop of legendary gear they are probably

the best things you can farm so again

it's important to keep your eyes out for

those different things

PMON tomba and tubby enemies while

you're running along this area to get to

this special room where the actual

farming I guess takes place

now eventually you will get to kind of

the middle of the map you're gonna have

to kill two badass elemental Skaggs and

then there's going to be a very small

room with a Hyperion chest in it and a

bunch of boxes in the corner because you

have the doctor's orders quest opening

each one of these boxes will produce a

loot [ __ ] legendary loot midgets have

insanely high drop rates for both

legendary weapons and gear and pearl

essence now you are buying no means

guaranteed legendary or pearlescent

drops from these enemies but the drop

rates are high enough that's definitely

one of the best places to farm one last

quick tip for this farming method is

that if you're kind of a lower level

Tubby's have a pretty small chance to

spawn Tubby's mostly spawn on this route

when you're pretty high level I'm

talking level 72 or higher so again if

you're much lower and you're not seeing

any Tubby's it might be worth popping in

to the Hyperion exploitation annex it's

in a dlc arena that is pretty much

halfway through the map now if you pop

in here and quickly pop out and then run

the route as normal when you save and

quit and then come back into it because

presumably you're going to be doing this

farming method again and again by saving

and quitting and then just coming back

in again if you pop into this arena and

then pop back out you're going to reload

here it'll save you about you're quite a

bit of distance actually of running so

you can just get to the actual farming

room with the loot midgets quicker each

time again I wouldn't recommend doing

this if you are higher level because you

do want the Tubby's to spawn alright so

those are two great farming techniques

to upgrade your weapons and gear but

what about iridium well there's an

insanely easy and effective way to get

iridium in this game and all you have to

do to farmer idiom is to beat the raid

bosses that are at the end of the tiny

Tina's assault on Dragon keep DLC at a

lower level now what I mean is you may

be level 40 50 72 it doesn't matter

but reload your playthrough 1 and you

can actually select when you reload your

character you can select what

playthrough you want so select the very

original play through and then go and

defeat these bosses you're going to of

course have to accept the quest if you

haven't already and travel to the area

but of course you will be a much

higher level with presumably much better

gear so we'll be very very easy to beat

these raid bosses now yes they're gonna

drop gear that's way too low a level for

you so that's not going to be good but

they also drop a [ __ ] ton of iridium

save and quit and keep killing these

bosses to net you more iridium than

you'll know what to do with I hope you

guys enjoyed this kind of conglomerated

farming guide please remember to rate

comment and subscribe and as always have

a good day