Preparing for Your Colonoscopy

hello I'm dr. Elissa speciale a

gastroenterologist as sharp Reece daily

medical group I am going to go over the

key steps of preparing for your

colonoscopy please review this video

seven days before your procedure during

a colonoscopy your doctor will insert a

tube-like video camera into your colon

to examine it and if necessary treat any

abnormalities the best way to ensure you

have an optimal exam is to perform this

preparation as instructed remember an

improperly prepared colon can make it

difficult for your doctor to identify

important abnormalities which may lead

to a misdiagnosis all the information in

this video is available in the printed

packet you received when you made your

appointment you may also find this

information on the Shari Staley website

or by calling eight five eight nine

three nine six five three one seven days

before your colonoscopy stop eating nuts

seeds corn and other high-fiber foods

also seven days before your exam review

your medications you should stop taking

these over-the-counter medications

aspirin motrin Aleve Advil or ibuprofen

the day before your procedure you should

be on a clear liquid diet

this means no solid food until after the

procedure examples of clear liquids are

strained fruit juices without pulp such

as apple or white grape juice lemonade

clear chicken or beef broth black coffee

or tea without cream sports drinks

popsicles or gelatin without topping be

sure to avoid any purple or red liquids

they may look like blood in the

intestines at 6:00 p.m. the day before

the procedure mix water into your prep

medication the prep usually tastes

better when it is chilled add some ice

or a little lemonade to make it taste

better but remember nothing purple or

red the entire solution is about a


start drinking the first half of it at

6:00 p.m. the day before your procedure

in general you should be drinking 8

ounces every 15 to 30 minutes or about

half the medication in 2 or 3 hours

about 6 hours before your exam repeat

the process with the remainder of the

prep solution you will also need to stop

taking certain prescription medications

in the days prior to your procedure

these include warfarin plavix Pradaxa f

int xarelto presenting ticklin bRILINTA

and Eliquis if you take any of these

medications please ask your doctor when

you can safely stop taking them do not

stop taking any medications for high

blood pressure heart rhythm disturbance

and seizures or convulsions these

medications can be taken with a small

amount of water before 6:30 a.m. on the

morning of the procedure if you have

diabetes take 1/3 of the usual dose of

your long-acting insulin and do not take

regular or short-acting insulin on the

day of the procedure also check your

blood sugar and report this to the GI

nurse when you check in do not take any

oral diabetes medications take all other

medications before 6:30 a.m. on the

morning of the procedure make sure you

have a prescription for and have

purchased the prep medication for your

colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy if you're

using a sharp Reese daily pharmacy they

will get your prescription for you every

patient reacts differently to the prep

medication you may notice something

within 30 minutes to an hour or not for

several hours beginning 3 hours before

your appointment do not eat or drink

anything at all remember you will need

an adult to drive you home after the

procedure if you do not have a driver

your procedure may be canceled if you

experience problems during the

preparation or have any questions please

call us at 85 eight nine three nine

six five three one thank you for your

time and attention