Yom Kippur 2019 Fasting Hacks: How to Fast & When Not To Fast

I don't know why anyone would take the

experience of not eating or drinking

anything for 25 hours and call it fast

it feels like forever

greetings zero design your friendly

neighborhood rabbi and I'm here today to

talk to you about fasting on Yom Kippur

I'm gonna give you some of my personal

tips for how to get through it if this

is something that you're doing this year

perhaps more importantly for your safety

I'm going to teach you what Jewish law

on tradition has to say about when you

should not fast on Yom Kippur before we

get into that for anyone who's just

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but if about that let's get into this

important topic of how to fast but first

when not to I may use the word doctor a

lot in this video what are the core

principles of Jewish law is derived from

a verse in the Book of Leviticus or

viagra that's chapter 18 verse 5 where

it says that people should keep God's

statutes and laws in order that we may

live by them and through our oral

tradition as written down in the Mishnah

and the Talmud the rabbi's deduced from

this verse that the law was given to us

to live by and not to die from and from

that they deduce a very important legal

principle known as pakua nephesh or

saving a life and by this principle just

about any myths from the torah with a

couple of rare exceptions can be set

aside in order to save a life your own

or someone else's this includes fasting

on Yom Kippur so if you're planning for

Yom Kippur and you say I really want a

fast because that's what it says to do

but you're worried that you may not be

physically capable of it or that it

might be medically dangerous for you

reconsider fasting in Jewish law it goes

so far as to state that if a doctor has

told you the

you shouldn't fast that it might

jeopardize your health not only are you

permitted to not fast you are forbidden

from doing so

so for doctor says if you fast you're

going to die it'd be like I don't need

no doctors I'm too tough for that by

fasting under those circumstances you

were actually breaking Jewish law even

if you feel like you'll be okay and even

if the doctors like well you're probably

not gonna die but your condition could

get worse and that might make you die go

fast seriously people safety first and I

say that because I know there are people

out there who really want to participate

fully in this holiday and participate in

solidarity with the other people in

their community who are fasting and then

they feel guilty about eating when other

people aren't this holiday isn't

intended to kill you and by doctors

advice it could even mean that if it

says in your pill bottle needs to be

taken with food or needs to be taken

with water follow your doctor's advice

and God willing you'll be healthier

another year and then you can fast I

want this to be a meaningful Yom Kippur

for you but I don't want it to be your

last one god forbid now if you are

intending to fast and you're healthy

enough to do so I'm gonna share with you

a few personal tips and hacks

that I use to get through what can be a

challenging day remember I am NOT a

doctor this is not medical advice if you

have any concerns about your health

whatsoever please consult with your

physician these are just things that I

do that I'm not recommending to anybody

who can't handle them this is how I John

carrier get through Yom Kippur for with

his little distraction from the

grumblings and my tongue believes as

possible so that I can focus on the

spiritual work of the day for me number

one pre hydrate you can't Hank for the

whole prayer service if you get taken

off in an ambulance and bagged for

dehydration so what I like to do with

day or two ahead of time is start

loading up on sports drinks my favorite

and this is not a paid endorsement is

blue Powerade just me I took this trick

from when I'm running a marathon I

usually super over hydrate the night

before and not without a whole lot of

urination my tissues are completely

saturated with water and some minerals

that I might lose during the day and it

just makes the whole day more

comfortable with 25 hours of not

drinking you will stop peeing eventually

didn't say this wasn't gonna be a gross

video number two protein load just as

it's a mitzvah to fast on Yom Kippur

it's also considered a mitzvah to have a

big meal on the afternoon right before

Yom Kippur this comes from the idea that

it's always a good idea to have a big

festive meal on a Jewish holiday but on

a Jew

holiday where you can't have a meal you

have a big one right before there's also

a big one right after and on this big

meal I proportionately like to eat more

protein heavy foods than say pasta or

bread or anything like that because

proteins take longer to metabolize

they'll give you a more steady energy

flow throughout the day and you're not

going to hit that carbohydrate

deprivation wall that makes you hangry

with people y'all know what I'm talking

about no fun being in services like I

really want to forgive you but I'm so

angry with you cuz I need a candy bar

soap rehydrate protein load and the

third one's a little bit more

controversial if you're a caffeine

addict like I am uh-huh and you drink a

ton of coffee during the day or diet

cola or iced tea or what-have-you

I'm not proud I am the number one coffee

achiever that I know hots and pots and

pots per day and that can make Yom

Kippur difficult even more difficult

than it already is

if you're addicted to caffeine and your

body craves that caffeine hit to keep

you awake and keep you sane and keep you

nice to people you should really take

that into consideration especially if

this is your first fast as I said this

could be controversial because I know at

least two schools of thought on this one

is that you wean yourself off your

caffeine addiction starting many days

before Yom Kippur you gradually decrease

your caffeine consumption and so when

the big day comes you're not missing it

as much and the headaches aren't as

severe but your my mind says if you're a

severe caffeine addict and you've

already weaned off for a whole day maybe

you should reconsider how much coffee

you're drinking no judgments for me

believe it the second school of thought

here is akin to my over hydrating and

overconsumption of protein and that is

doubling down on the coffee folks at

that big meal right before Yom Kippur

have an extra cup of coffee have two

extra cups of coffee have so much coffee

you're grinding your teeth into a fine

powder like the sentence of the Sinai

you do you but I and many people I know

get through the day not having those

caffeine and headaches not getting super

upset with people because we've

borderline od'd on caffeine the night

before again I am NOT a doctor this

should be obvious by now so however you

get by without coffee tea diet cola

whatever these are two different ways

that I know of your mileage may vary so

those are my tips for surviving your

first or your 31st or 61st 100 and first

fast over hydrate beforehand eat lots of

protein and

wean yourself off caffeine or double it

down but before we in this video I want

to give you a very important idea that

we actually read about as the haftorah

on Yom Kippur and that's from the book

of Isaiah chapter 58 which appropriately

talks a lot about fasting in Isaiah as a

prophet and something of a social critic

is there to say to people who are like

I'm fasting but my life isn't perfect

yet it doesn't work Isaiah is there to

say something to the effect of the

affliction of your body is not the fast

that God requires that is instrumental

to making you more empathetic to people

who don't have food all the other days

of the year the point of fasting is not

necessarily your own personal suffering

but to make you more aware and more

empathetic to the suffering of other

people which is an important thing to

have in mind as you're planning how you

are going to be in the world in the

coming year so take all these tips with

a grain of salt or don't eat any salt at

all because it's Yom Kippur and remember

if there is any chance that you will be

put at medical risk by fasting consult

your doctor and if the doctor says no

don't do it here oh thank you so much

for watching this whole video with me I

know talking about fasting isn't

necessarily fun but I always have fun

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taking this challenge and until next

time hero peace I really want to forgive

you but I'm so angry with you because I

need a candy bar