What Do You Feed a Pregnant Dog!?

hey what's going on bully world this is

Matt AGB TV and I got a recent question

asking hey what do you do to feed your

your pregnant or what do you how

do you feed your pregnant dogs I've been

using this product here bully bloom for

just about a week comes Billy boom boost

bully bloom this is a mineral supplement

and then this vital here and I've been

really pleased with it so far and I'm

gonna show you today in a quick video

without the big camera just using my

phone how I prepared foods for dogs that

are 53 days and 31 days in alright so

stay with me I'm going to show you how I

mix it at first you know I was really

overwhelmed a little bit with the bully

bloom product you know with the

instructions but once you get it down

and understand that a teaspoon is really

just a teaspoon and you don't have to do

much once you figure out what's right

for your dog it's easy it's an easy

product to use alright so yeah for

pregnant and well penned dogs a lot of

people feed raw when you feed raw you

know it's you know five part meats and

bones one part you know organs in one

part veggies I've been feeding these

dogs raw and kibble but I've been

sticking with the kibble now while these

dogs are pregnant because it's more

consistent I'm on it a little more and

it's just a little more convenient for

me to feed this way that it doesn't mean

I take any shortcuts this is all really

high quality food make sure that they

get that thirty percent protein and that

twenty percent fat that they need to

have a healthy litter and then also with

the help of these products here there's

nothing lacking in this bowl here I have

diamond puppy food this food is is

designed for puppies and for pregnant

and nursing dogs okay so has the DHA it

has the EPA it has those fatty fatty

acids that are needed for you know the

neurological growth in this food here is

Purina Pro Plan Sports this is a this is

where I get that 30% protein that 20%

fat and that's uh between these two you

know I get a good good balance and

again with the help of these supplements

nothing is missing nothing is lacking

these dogs are are are gonna invest it

best situation really the best

conditions for the litter

so I'll just mix it up now and then I'll

show you how I add these products I'm

gonna try my best to record while I'm

doing this but again the firt the

hardest part is initially when you first

get the product is figuring out what's

perfect and what's the right amount for

for your dog so for here for breeding

females the instructions are the last 10

to 10 to 20 days of pregnancy and all

lactation 1 teaspoon for 15 to 20 pounds

of weight so my dogs at 53 days is gonna

get 2 2 teaspoons of this and other dog

at 31 days just gonna get one teaspoon

for right now

so that's the first one bully boom boost

it's a concentrated calorie supplement

it increases energy level needed for

pregnancy and lactation it also uh

provides the optimal fatty acids that

you need for a good coat it also helps a

the dogs enjoy the food a little more

right so for finicky eaters you

understand that early in the pregnancy

the first four to five weeks the dogs

gonna eat more and then you know will

taper off or eat less the the second one

I'm gonna use this dog bloom it's

mineral supplement and again this is

really helpful to produce that lactation

that dogs need this one can be added to

wet and dry food like all the other ones

and you know you just figure out what

percentage is is good for you how many

teaspoons and then go from there if you

can get a if you can get your female to

lactate you understand that you're

helping out that whole litter because

nothing beats the mother's milk

you know goat milk is you know colostrum

they're all good but nothing beats the

real thing so if you can provide or help

these dogs you know lactate a little

more they're gonna yield more milk for

those puppies that litter that's coming

soon the last one is called bully bloom

vital this is your vitamin mix right

this so this so we had your calories you

have your lactation and you have your

vitamins all three of these things it's

almost like a bodybuilder supplement

pack you know they give you that what

the what your need for for

healthy litters so that's the last one

I'm gonna add to this mix it all up and

then just like that you're done you got

your food for the

so each bowls is all set one's a little

different so I mix them separately you

know for the for my female that's a

little further on so here I go one mix

one not mix if you feed twice a day you

got to make sure that the the amounts

that you're using the teaspoons per wait

is uh is split in half okay so if you're

feeding twice a day these are all set

for daily values so if you need four

teaspoons in a day you know that you're

gonna give two in the first feed in

there maybe two in the second feeding

the mixing is really easy fully bloom

products they make this really easy for

me as I have these two females that are

pregnant so this is just the way I feed

my pregnant dogs I'm pretty sure

everyone has their own little method but

if you have any questions

this is dropping in the comments or you

know or share the way that you feed your

you're pregnant dogs alright HB TV this

is Matt you know thanks for watching

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