How soon can I start feeding my baby fruit and vegetables?

typically speaking most babies are ready

to eat solid foods between four and six

months and there's a few signs that can

show you that your baby's ready first of

all if your baby can sit up and hold

their head up on their own that's a good

thing that's the first step and then if

you bring a spoon towards your baby's

mouth and they open up and are excited

to take it whatever it is and then

that's a good sign

try a little bit of something that soft

and pureed some baby food and if your

baby swallows it and doesn't spit it out

then that's another sign that they're

ready and baby should also be over 13

pounds or have at least doubled their

birth weight by the time you start

solids so if you think your baby's ready

then a lot of times it becomes confusing

about what to food you feed your baby

first some people recommend starting

single grains first like rice cereal or

something and then a lot of

pediatricians say that you should

introduce vegetables first so that your

baby doesn't get used to the sweets it's

just a fact that babies are born with a

sweet tooth so they're going to probably

naturally prefer fruits but there's no

evidence proving that if you give your

baby vegetables first

but it's any benefit so you can actually

give your baby single grain cereal

fruits and vegetables all while

introducing solid foods it really

doesn't matter what you introduce first

just make sure that you introduce foods

one at a time in case there's a food

allergy and wait two to five days before

introducing something new and if you

suspect that there's any signs of an

allergy obviously stop giving that food

and probably contact the pediatrician

especially if it's something severe like

diarrhea or rashes or something even

worse like swelling or difficulty

breathing have fun with it and if you

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