When is it okay to feed my baby soft table food like eggs, soup, etc.?

a lot of babies start to get sick of

pureed food and they see our plates and

want to eat what we are eating it looks

good to them and that's a good sign so

if your daughter's showing signs that

she wants to eat what's on your plate

then it's definitely okay to branch out

a little bit and give her some different

sorts of food as long as it's the

appropriate size and texture and it's

not going to be a choking hazard to her

the American Academy of Pediatrics

actually gives a sample diet for kids

who are 8 to 12 months of age so once

she's hit about eight eight months of

age it's okay to give her the following


mashed egg I know you mentioned that

specifically dice soft fruits dice

cheese diced cooked vegetables that are

very soft yogurt cottage cheese diced

meat teething biscuits crackers noodles

pasta potatoes and you also mentioned

soup and that would be good because the

the vegetables and the contents of soup

are usually really tender so that would

be a great choice as long as it's not

too hot

experiment with different things give it

about two to three days between each new

introduction in case she has an allergic

reaction to something and then you can

more easily narrow it down but all in

all it sounds like she's probably

getting ready for different kinds of

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