How To Prune And Feed Clematis (For A Longer Bloom Season)

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the planters plant food hi I'm Marianne

Benetti and I'm going to give you some

tips on how to prune your clematis and

feed your clematis so you can have

blooms for two months out of the year

even longer than 8 weeks if you know the

secrets now this is a lovely small

flowering jáchym any type clematis glows

great on the lattice it's in full bloom

here's what you do not want to do do not

fertilize your clematis when it is in

bud or in bloom if you do that

oftentimes the buds will drop or if it's

a full bloom it'll just push out the

boobs very quickly drop the petals and

you have a very short bloom season

instead here's what I want you to do

when do clematis is done blooming this

was not quite done over here I'll show

you when it's finished blooming

okay here it is it earlier blooming

clematis it's just finished blooming and

what I'm going to do now is lightly

prune it remove about 1/3 of the vines

and that is going to courage more growth

now I can use a regular hand pruners

like this but I prefer when doing very

thin stems with clematis to using

kitchen scissors so what I'm going to do

is simply look for the top where I see

no new growth shorten it all the way

down to a joint where there's two leaves

coming across the bud that is a node so

right with that joint right above that

joint that's where I will click this off

okay back going to the compost pile now

where I see new growth now here's one

you can tell us this new growth because

the leaves are smaller because she is

even a little bit of more buds coming

I'm not going to cut that that will

become another wave of blooms on my

clematis that usually just blooms once a

year but if I go ahead and get stupid

with all this older growth here shorting

everything just by a third or so what

I'm doing I'm telling the plant oh you

didn't really flower flower again and so

that is how I will get a whole another

set of blooms and enjoy a lot more

flowers on my clematis you don't have to

worry too much about being particular

just don't take off more than one-third

of the vines and as soon as you're done

blooming go ahead and fertilize lightly

using a slow-release plant food like

Osmocote or maybe some alfalfa pellets

and water it in well you'll be blessed

with another whole display of Clematis

blooms this has been Maryanne Bonetti

with easy answers for great gardens