How to Feed Your Plants Properly

hi I'm Carlos I'm an associate at the

Scotts company I work in marketing and

I'm here to talk to you about feeding

your plants properly in addition to

light and water plants need a regular

diet of minerals and other nutrients no

matter how good the soil is the

nutrients containing it are being

depleted in a forest as nutrients are

returned to the soil as trees branches

and leaves fall to the ground and decay

this does not happen in a residential

landscape or garden by applying plant

food on a regular basis the nutrients

and minerals are replenished so the

plants can continue to grow produce

foliage flowers and fruits apply plant

food during the growing season in the

south this can be year round in the

north this is when the threat of Frost

has passed or when you see new buds new

bug growth of the trees continue feeding

on a regular basis until the first frost

there are three nutrients are important

for building healthy plants nitrogen

phosphorus and potassium nitrogen

promotes vigorous growth and deeper

richer color phosphorus promotes

flowering and root growth and also

stimulates say seeding development

potassium promotes overall plant health

heat drought tolerance and fruit and

vegetable production secondary

micronutrients are needed in much

smaller quantities and are essential for

overall plant vigor and health this

include Warren copper iron manganese and

zinc among others a variety of plant

foods are available to meet consumers

needs they mainly fall in two categories

time-release plant foods and

water-soluble plant foods this product

label will tell you specifically how

much plant food to apply time-release

plant foods such as shaken feed are

great for the time constraint gardener

you just apply it once and it feeds for

three full months it's very easy just

flip the top and shake it dry alright in

the soil around the plant not in the


feeling your plans with water-soluble

plant foods is as easy as watering and

liqui feed makes it even easier just

attach the feeder to your host insert

the refill into the device turn the

nozzle to feed

son of all plant foods are great to feed

while your water plants can absorb the

Platte delinquent plant food both

through the leaves and through the root

it is taken by the roots in 30 seconds

and within the leaves in a couple of