TIPS to Feeding HUMMINGBIRDS Great Tools, Feeders, Recipe

today I want to talk about tools of the

trade when feeding hummingbirds out of

your hummingbird feeder there's certain

things I think that are really good to

have on hand this is my opinion a

toothbrush now what I've done with this

particular toothbrush I might I really

recommend everybody to do it I don't

want me to burn themselves but I held

this over the gas stove and I bent it so

it will get inside and I'll be able to

scrub off anything on the inside of the

containers the clear containers the

glass containers but I bent this one you

don't have to bend it the other thing I

have found that paint brushes are really

good you can get to the bottom really

easily just put it down there and swish

it around get different sizes they're

cheap go to a dollar store or you go to

a craft store and they have cheap ones

too and with that you go in there and

clean anything on the very bottom even

the feeder itself when you take it apart

you can go around and you can clean it

this will get inside and clean it really

good so I absolutely love my paint

rollers I try to keep a pipe cleaner on

hand in case I want to put something

inside of the holes where the

hummingbirds feed out of and make sure I

can scrub that really good let me show

you something else is good a mascara

brush that is really good that can get

into almost any size hole it's got the

bristles and it works perfect I love my

mascara brushes for that now if you're a

guy and you're feeding hummingbirds see

if your wife girlfriend significant

other mother see if they can spare an

old mascara brush just take it and wash

it up huh and if you're 2 guys and

you're feeding hummingbirds and neither

one of you used mascara there's another

way of doing this what are your dollar

store they still face old mascara for a

buck sometimes there's package

a twofer dollar all you need is is that

this little brush is worth spending a

dollar on don't go to the store and

spend five ten 20 dollars for a good

mascara to get the brush this is from

the dollar store yes I buy myself cheap

mascara what I'm going to use it so that

is really handy I don't have any

hummingbird feeders that I'm not using

right now they see if I can find one

I'll be right back okay I'm back I

brought this in I was going to clean it

see it's dirty when you have a brush you

can get all the way to the bottom and

you can just swish around and you can

clean this really good you have a

toothbrush you can get in there and get

around inches really good you see here

with this this one's really worn out and

sad but see the mascara brush that will

go inside here and even get into

crevices but you can look at that this

is really old this is a sad one I've had

it for many many years but look at that

it will clean so well so you really want

to mascara brush so like I said it

doesn't matter you can get one they're

cheap now I like to do a good washing

once a day in the morning I use a little

bit of bleach little like a tablespoon

of bleach to a cup of water and wash it

real good Oh get rid of all that black

that starts to forth don't worry don't

freak out mold is in nature normally

they have good enough antibodies they'll

when you pull it down you see it they're

fine don't worry about there's moles

everywhere and algae everywhere but the

thing is you want to clean it

I'm not saying leave it when you see it

clean it I would prefer to use bleach

and water with that some people have

said all the way it's just bad if you

live in this city your waters got

chlorine that's bleach if you live in

some cities got chlorine I don't want to

go there so don't worry about a little

bit of bleach

you're gonna rinse it wash it really

good hot water warm water scrub off all

the black and that's then you're good to

go and that will take care of any of the

moles on ya

the other thing too is in between

washings if you didn't want to use

bleach baking summer baking soda is your

good friend it will scrub like cleanser

will scrub it will scrub off really

really good it's fresh it makes

everything fresh it will clean the

inside you can take it apart and scrub

it with baking soda I use your brush use

your toothbrush scrub it up this is the

best I use baking soda all my cookie

sheets and baking pans because you won't

have any um soapy residue left or

anything you won't taste it if this is

fresh I push my teeth with it

I keep baking soda in a glass jar in the

bathroom and I sprinkle it on not this

toothbrush I don't use this to press

spray all up my toothbrush and I brush

my teeth with it

baking soda is great non-toxic perfect

and like I said you're gonna wash it off

so it doesn't matter what you use soap

and water is okay too if you're using a

perfume II so then it might leave your

feet smelling a little bit perfume me I

don't know if the birds will like it or

not I prefer not to but it's not gonna

hurt anything whatever you want to use

but do a good cleaning once it you know

once a day in the morning if it really

doesn't look like it needs it if you're

in a cooler area you may not be having

that much more problems at all just wash

up a little baking soda

don't use cleanser or anything like that

that I know you don't want to use so

that's the tools of the trade and of

course the other thing you need is white

sugar don't ever use anything else but

white sugar there are sugar cane sugar

and there is the beet sugar sugar beet I

think they use it really doesn't matter

you're not going to know the difference

anymore because they don't label it

apparently they don't have to label

their sugar whether it's made out of

sugar beet or cane sugar but that's okay

but don't use brown sugar there's

molasses in it it is not good for the

hummingbirds at all don't use it just

plain old white sugar don't worry about

you know what just long as long as it's

human gray white sugar you'll be fine

that's pretty much it I'm trying to

think what else you would need to

um don't overfill the hummingbird

feeders if you don't have a lot of

hummingbirds yet sometimes it takes time

for them to find it you may have one

that decides it's gonna guard the whole

blessed feeder for himself there's not

much you can do when they do that and if

they're gonna guard it then you're gonna

have one hummingbird so make sure that

you just put a small amount in there and

then whatever you make put it in the

fridge it should last a good week and

the refrigerator the leftover and as as

they use it or every two days or so dump

it out and put the fresh in you don't

need any food coloring that's strictly

for people who like the look of red

they're gonna come to us they're gonna

come to this they know how my herd

feeders when they see hummingbird feeder

they check it out the hummingbirds

that's pretty much all you need to know

the other thing too is it's a quarter to

one that's very important I've seen some

people come up with other recipes you

don't want no more than a quarter to one

it is one cup of water to a quarter cup

of sugar if you use less and I've heard

this from the experts that our nature

watchers that keep track of hummingbirds

if you use less they'll drink it but

their bodies will slow down they could

end up having a problem because they

won't know there's not enough sugar in

them and you know in the food for them

you have to go quarter to one to make

sure don't use more you'll have hyper

hummingbirds all over just one cup of

water to 1/4 of cup 1/4 cup of sugar

that's all

mix it up some people don't boil it I

thought some people come back and tell

me oh they just mix it together and it's

fine and that's fine it can take time to

dissolve I have a method of doing it and

I I've got a video on it I'll put the

link to it how I make mine but it works

for me we literally literally have

hundreds of hummingbirds now hundreds of

hummingbirds I wish I was joking I am

not joking I can't even stop the other

day I had

again so they come in the house when

their hummingbird feeders are empty

Yokohama bird feeders everywhere they've

got a lot of babies right now we're in

spring so when they have babies they're

extra hungry and they can have anywhere

from two to six babies in the entire

breeding cycle so there's a lot of

babies and a lot of birds around the

male's do not stick around they do not

feed the babies they have nothing to do

with the babies they breed with the

females and they're gone so you'll see

hummingbirds everywhere that are so busy

trying to eat generally those are

females right now of course we'll have

males because they're hanging around

waiting for the females to be bred again

but they're they're really working hard

those moms are going back and forth and

back and forth all day because they

usually have two babies per nest and

they feed them from the crack of dawn

all the way until sunset they feed him

and feed them and feed them so it really

helps melt when you put a hummingbird

feeder out my NICU and show you some of

my hummingbirds right now and it's just

so much fun I get so much enjoyment out

of that I I love the hummingbirds I

didn't have that many in the area

somebody asked me what would happen if I

stopped feeding him they wouldn't die

but when they would leave they would

find somebody else because there's

plenty of other people putting on

hummingbird food and once they leave

they may not come back

they might suck up to see if you put

anything out but they'll leave so and

I've tested that I've put a hummingbird

feeder somewhere and then I didn't fill

that one and I'm then I put it out later

and there were no hummingbirds there for

days so what it is is they they know

this this flower isn't working anymore

and if that flower isn't blooming and

giving them food they're gonna go

somewhere else so they know here my

hummingbirds know that there's gonna be

food in the morning and if there's not

food there in the kitchen window they're

following me around the garden or

buzzing around my head they're not came

I can't touch them I've never tried I've

never built one of those hats where they

hang hummingbird feeders off of him it

would work because they buzz in my face

but they are used to being fed by me and

they do know it are they feeding solely

by me

know they're out there and they're

feeding on our orange flower to the

blooms all over the orange trees and

their flowers we've gotten our

vegetables and everything and the

Orioles they've come into and what I've

done not on this one but I'm actually

taking a hot needle and I've made the

hole bigger for them

the reason the hummingbird holes are so

small is so people don't get honeybees

because the honeybees will go and

they'll collect this too

so generally they're small but when I

see the Orioles come in and I know

they're nesting around here too I've

taken some of my theaters and I made the

hole bigger on one or two of them so

they can come feed - I like helping them

out I've seen two species right now come

around just recently so I'll show you my

hummingbirds and I hope I've given you

some suggestions get that mascara brush

this is like this is the greatest thing

you can use this for a lot of things

other things cleaning in your kitchen I

have one designated just for the

hummingbird feeders and then I have

another one designated for food great

I've washed it real good in case there's

something I need a clean a grater or

something insects or cleaning I keep

this around so like I said if nobody in

your household is using mascara go to

your dollar store make sure it's a

bristle one you don't want the plastic

there's some that are plastic make sure

it's a bristle one check on the package

generally tells you they last forever

and go get him so let's go see some

hummingbirds now

these are the two hummingbird feeders

off my kitchen windows I'm not telling

anybody to do and I did make holes in

their screens and so they can hang a

hook on their windowsill and swing it

out but yes I've done that I've got one

off this is the one by the sink or a

hummingbird nested last year for the

past few years on that hook which he now

moved her nest and this year I put a new

one right next to my desk I have a desk

in this part of the kitchen so I can

watch them plus I've got the hummingbird

feeders in the garden got him off the

deck I've got him everywhere I've got

about a dozen hummingbird feeders but

these two I really enjoy them because I

get to watch them all day when I'm in

the house when I'm cooking dinner or

breakfast or lunch or anything or just

traveling through the kitchen I get to

see the hummingbirds

it's quiet right now but because they

see the camera but usually there's

dozens and dozens and dozens hovering

around again I'm not suggesting anybody

to cut holes in their screens like I did

but you can just hang it anywhere and

it's just such a joy so with that have a

great day and please like and subscribe

if you haven't and if you don't want to

that's fine too you're always welcome

have a great day and don't forget to eat

what you grow bye bye