When can I start feeding my pond fish and koi this spring? |Long Valley, NJ

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hello I'm clay from a frog stream in

Long Valley New Jersey and I'm here to

bring you this week's weekly you ribbit

so Springs here we're finally starting

our spring cleanings spring opening is

getting these ponds ready it's that time

of year to start thinking about your

fish and what's the one thing we all

love to do this time of year it's

feeding them giving them that food so

they come up to you so you can interact

with them and have fun with that however

there's a really really important thing

that you should know there's definitely

a right time to start feeding your fish

and certainly a wrong time fish feeding

totally hinges on your water temperature

your water temperature is going to

determine when the right time to start

feeding your fish is and the magic

number is 55 degrees you want to make

sure your water temperature is a steady

55 degrees before you start feeding your

fish otherwise your fish can have some

serious complications so make sure you

have that thermometer you're checking

your water temperature and make sure it

stays at 55 or at least above and even

if it is 55 56 57 only feed your fish

about once a day until that water

temperature is around 70 once it's at 70

it's game on feed your fish have fun

enjoy them for the rest of the spring

and the entire summer and into the fall

so that's this week's weekly ribbit

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happy spring everyone it's gonna get

warmer I know it is

have fun with your pond your waterfall

as your fountains and have a great week