When to Start Feeding your Cannabis w/Pigeons420

hello and welcome back everyone

pigeons 420 hello happy Tuesday it's

Tuesday everyone oh I hope you guys are

well and warm today's video we are gonna

be discussing how to feed your cannabis

seedlings this is a little bit different

than the feeding videos that we have for

the rest of our plants whether it's our

veg plants or our flower plants feeding

your seedlings can be a very delicate

task essentially when you plant that

seed into the the dirt or into your

medium that seed requires no nutrients

that little seed is a self-contained

package of life and all you really

literally need to do is put that in soil

or put it in your medium water it and

walk away the plant will do the rest

now at a certain point about a week and

a half to two weeks into your seedling

stage so now it's popped its head up

above the soil you now need to feed

those plants because essentially it's

using up all of its stored nutrients and

it now needs to be plena shhhhht with

something new so that's exactly what

we're gonna do today we have the purple

Afghan Kush the green crack the

Cinderella 99 and the other one

amnesia haze yes we've got those four

girls that are in desperate need of some

food they're coming along just

wonderfully so without further ado I say

we head on over we go give them a feed

and go take a look at them shall we here

we go

so depending on what you're feeding your

plants your program will have a guide

for seedlings or cuttings or a veg cycle

in general and as you can see week one

I'm giving five milliliters per gallon

of the veg newts

I highly recommend if you don't have a

chart but you're using a nutrient

solution like even if it's Miracle Grow

or the flora series they all have these

little guidelines that essentially give

you a path to follow for your plants and

I highly recommend that you do follow

where they are so as you can tell coming

along just wonderfully but the key that

tells me that they are in need of a feed

is how big they are they're all working

on their third or fourth node which is a

prime indication that they need some

food so let's have the recommended dose

so it said 5 milliliters per gallon

we're gonna do a half gallon and start

with that so I highly recommend that you

get yourself an assortment of watering

bottles I've got a 1/2 gallon a 1 gallon

and a 2 gallon watering bottle including

a spray bottle it is gonna make watering

so much easier if you can do it in

increments because there's no need that

these four plants require a two gallon

mixture of nutrients so mix it at a half

gallon to start it says 5 5 milliliters

per gallon I'm gonna since I'm doing a

half gallon we're gonna do two and a

half milliliters per gallon

all right now make sure you give this

the big shape I like to add this little

lid give that a very good shake you want

to see bubbles you want to see bubbles

all right and then just go ahead and

water and then you want to water real

slow because there's no real root system

yet so this food will go right through

the pot right to the bottom and you

don't want to waste your solution oh I'm

wasting it so slow down it's not a race

they will thank you much more if the

entire pot can get moist instead of just

a little pathway because let's face it

if you pour this real fast the water

will just dig a little tunnel go

straight to the bottom of the pot and

out the bottom it doesn't it doesn't

saturate the entire pot and that's

exactly what you want but that's it guys

I think you guys get the idea the real

the real trick here if there's any kind

of trick is just managing when to give

them the solution and you know it

doesn't hurt to wait longer you know

they're not gonna die immediately

without any food if anything they're

gonna stunt they're just gonna stop

growing and that's a great indication

that it's time to start feeding so don't

worry guys we're in this together we

know what we're doing if you have any

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