What to feed 4 week old puppies when starting to wean onto solid food part 1

it's Tuesday morning the puppies are

four weeks old exactly today and we just

started last week 20 own over the

weekend to start to introduce some solid

or semi-solid fee we're using Bert

Bern's puppy Minnie and which is very

nice quality small bite dog food and the

aim is by the time the puppies leave us

they will be eating this dry and

currently and obviously they're eating

it in a very sloppy mixture made up with

and this puppy milk so we're going to

make the puppy milk up and then we'll

add it to the puppy food will only make

up a small quantity of see on this stage

because we really want to just have

enough food so that the peppers will eat

it all in one sitting and the public's

are still getting most of their intake

their calories for mum who's doing

really well West feeding them and the

other dogs are having a nosy to see

what's going on and we like the bones

our puppy food and we actually use it as

a treat with some of our smaller dogs

now because they like it so much and

also what we found with the band's food

although it's more expensive and some of

the brands of dog food

we've tried quite a few of them with our

older dogs and we found that this this

suits their tummies the best and they

will maintain their weight very nasty on

burns the adults drops on burns and is

it bears working yeah working with fans

working a mix which suits them very well

and we do fun to get a lot less wind

with it because you want to make so

we're making the lacteal up to the

recommended concentrations which is two

level scoops to a hundred and five mils

of hot water mix the milk formula in and

what I'm going to add is approximately

thirty grams of the burns puppy Minnie

into that it's a bit like making a puppy

food smooth and this kettle really is

just boiled so this has now got to sit

and what will happen is the the puppy

food will absorb quite a bit of the

liquid get very mushy and then before

we're serving it to the puppies because

they're so young and their teeth are

only just coming through we are going to

liquidize that with a

so it forms a complete mush and brows

just show them the salt we're using

basically you want to get the puppy food

once it's absorbed the milk it should

still be quite liquidy and then you just

blend the whole thing with this so

effectively you make him a puppy food

smoothie if it's too thick we'd add some

more milk to it have some of the puppy

milk just to thin it down and you want

it at this stage it quite a runny

consistency and so the puppies are sort

of lapping it up and the mic then there

won't be very many lumps in it at all so

it's very very easy for them to eat and

and gradually as they can older will

allow the food to be more lumpy and then

quite lumpy and then by the end they

should be on to the drive food we found

our seven puppies will eat this volume

of food and approximately five to ten

minutes but just about clearing the bowl

now just letting them in to finish it

off when we find that they are wanting

more or gradually increase the volumes

frequency wise we're feeding them at the

moment twice a day finding that's about

right mum still feeding them with her

milk but she's increasingly spending

shorter periods of time in with the

puppies feeding them think that's a

combination of her getting a little sore

now as their teeth come through but also

they're getting much stronger and

vigorous in their sucking okay I think

we'll wind it up there because it's a

little bit boring just look at the puppy

food and the blender and sodium I will

show you we'll show you later on we'll

be feeding the puppies bye for now