When to change your puppies food to adult food

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we are going to be talking about when is

it a good time to convert from puppy

formula to adult formula for your

specific dog's weight age and size

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all righty so you have a 8 week old

puppy this puppy is fantastic he is

vibrant he is full of life and what you

were looking for is some advice on food

so you go to youtube and you find our

happy little channel here you know we're

here to help you all throughout your

dog's life so most of the time people

ask me when is it a good time to change

from puppy formula to adult formula so

here's one of those comments below and

you know there's a great opportunity for

you to learn a little bit about dog

development when we're talking about

switching from puppy to an adult has

also the same thing to do with spay and

neutering kind of they all fall

hand-in-hand so you want to keep all

that in mind when you're talking about

puppy nutritional development all right

so let's just say we'll go buy a 10

pound radius so for every 10 pounds you

actually want to extend them on puppy

food for at least one additional month

starting at 8 months old for any puppy

less than 10 pounds adult size all right

so if you have 20 pound dog you want to

wait till 9 months you have a 30 pound

dog you want to wait till 10 months 40

pound dog 11 months 50-pound dog 12

months 1 year obviously and you see how

this is going all right all the way up

to a great game which would be a hundred

plus pounds and you're looking at almost

15 to 16 months all right and at that

age obviously you want to consult a pet

when you're talking about nutritional

values and making sure they get the

right nutrition because you really want

to make sure they develop properly when

you're dealing with those giant breed

dogs now going forward how do you mix

how do you match how do you converge

well I'll put a video up top and the

cards for you to know how to do how I

recommend to do those conversions and

how to switch from one food to another

but normally when you're switching from

adult to or probably food to adult food

the only main difference is the level of

protein versus lumps of carbs that's the

only main difference between the two I

mean a nutshell there's a few others but

that's getting down to the science we

don't need to worry about that just in a

nutshell think of it this way the

protein drops the carbs go up because

they don't have as much energy to burn

and so they don't want to develop that

much fat so the protein it just needs to

break down differently as an adult dog

compared to as a puppy which has full of

energy in their vibrant full life

all right so if you have any questions

or concerns or anything you want to

comment on leave me a comment below if

you have any ideas for any food mash-ups

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