How To: Senior Horse Feeding

okay so I'm here to go over what it

takes to keep a hard keeper senior horse

looking good it's not easy that's a

little expensive but this is how it


the basis of every horses feeding should

be forage hay grass or hay substitutes

this here is soaked

alfalfa cubes with some beet pulp and

some hay stretcher pellets Broman who is

33 years old and has very little teeth

left eats a bucket like this two to

three times a day that's the basis of

his feeding for his grain this is the

senior feed I like its high fat you can

see here it's got beet pulp in it and

it's got lots of fiber and it can be fed

as a complete feed you do not have to

feed hay or any other thing with this

however it gets a little pricey to feed

this exclusively so this here we call

Roman slop and what it is is there is

some beet pulp in the bottom of there so

this is this is dried beet pulp that

goes in the bottom of the bucket then

there is hay stretcher pellets these are

not really necessary these are more for

taste because a lot of horses don't like

the taste of plain beet pulp these can

stretch your pellets they think are

candy so they eat them well so I add

those to it and then this is the amount

of alfalfa cubes and this is what they

look like before they are soaked that

goes in there the whole thing is

soaked with hot water you fill the

bucket - if I'm here with hot water and

you let it soak I let it soak for a good

four hours before I feed it and I add

more hot water right before I feed it so

it's a warm mash it ends up looking like

that Roman loves it then the green you

can see I've got the scoop full here so

he gets the beet pulp and the hay

stretcher in the bucket just like his

slop and then instead of the pellet the

cubes we add this much of the grain this

is about 3 pounds of rain so he gets

three pounds three times a day also

soaked only this soaks very quickly so

we just add hot water to it right before

we feed it in addition he gets free

choice hey sometimes we give him second

cutting hay in the winter but all of

this to tooth you know three times a day

separately to keep him in good shape

there is no reason why a senior horse

should be a rack of bones it's not

normal it just takes time and effort to

make them not look like a rack of bones

this feed goes a long way towards

helping with that it's an extremely good

feed it's a little pricey it's about $25

a bag and you go through I go through

four bags a month so you know it's

pricey the rest of this stuff isn't

badly expensive and that is what it

takes to keep a hard keeper senior horse

with no teeth looking good all the time