When to start feeding Tomato Plants

right this is a just a quick response to

my mate who is the growing tomatoes for

the very first time this year and just

watched one of his videos and he's sir

looking at these two metals and these

there's all this that's a flower think

I'll feed them now well you don't what I

normally do is feed them when the second

trust has formed and what that is means

you can see the flowers here this is the

first trust who set up flowers and you

get another one later another one

pay up or whatever these will grow to

about six feet something like that and

yeah like I say second set of flowers

when they actually when I say you know

when the the trusts are set what that

means is with the flower you can

actually see the tomato starting to grow

that is when you start feeding because

if you stop feeding tomato plants you

know before this started even flower in

what you're going to do is just

encourage foliage the green leaves and

whatever it'll be so healthy and fed the

nutrition and all that it won't produce

flowers because with them sweet peas

another thing what you do with them is

you've got to make them think that

they're dying because if you don't do

that with the water and I won't go into

tiller to the Icicle grow a lot of sweet

peas but if you keep watching them and

feed in sweet peas they'll never ever

flower you've got to make them think

that they about to die and then they'll

think themselves the neck you know I'm

about to kick me the bucket here and

then they'll snap producing flowers to

reproduce you know nature for you but

yeah like I say anyway rambling on and

never feed tomato plants what I do you

can start BT when the first

truss is set that is when you can

actually see the small tomato starting

to form in the center of the flower but

I always wait till the second set and

like I say once you see that little

tomato stand to form batter when you

start feeding feed every week to ten

days seven to ten days obviously I what

you know you water the plants every day

I always give them a good watering every

day but so hope that helps

Paul like I say the second setting is

that for you demand the first trusses a

set you know when you can actually see

the tomato for mean never ever snap feed

in a tomato plant before you start

seeing that little tomato plus it