When Should Puppies Start Eating Food?

hi everybody and welcome back to relax my dog, today me and Milo are

going to be talking about when should your puppies start eating proper food

so obviously a lot of the time your puppies are brought up on their mom's

milk or liquids that you are giving your dogs but today we're talking about when

you can start feeding your puppies proper food and why that is and what

you can start feeding them as well, now before we do get started definitely do

go down below to the comments and let me know when your dog was born, how many

other dogs were part of that breed, I think that is such an interesting question

I think Milo was part of maybe six or seven other Border Collies which were

so so cute but yeah let me know down below how many

other dogs were part of your dog's breed, but for now we're just gonna get

started, obviously when a puppies are born their mom's milk makes the ideal

first food for a puppy as it's naturally rich in all required nutrients that

are used to grow, now although most puppies are ready for weaning between 6

& 8 weeks old, they do show an interest in solid foods at around 3 to 4 weeks

now by this I mean your puppies may start going over to their moms or their

dads bowl to try and lick the bowl for any extra food or it might be interested

in treats etc, they just might be interested in solid food in general, now

it is okay to start feeding your puppy's food or proper food at three to four

weeks old when they are showing this interest in that sort of food, obviously

by this I don't mean serving them the same size meal, the same type of meal

that you would usually give your adult dogs, by this I mean getting some dry

food and mixing it with water to make almost like a porridge-like solution and

feeding this to your dog and from that you can also add less and less water so

sort of wean them off having the water and more on to have a sort of solid

solution, because as well as them getting used to eating a bit more solid food it will

also help them digest a little bit more if you let them work at it in a process

and also remember that a puppy's mouth is a lot smaller than an adult dog's

mouth as well so don't be giving them the same sized portions

make sure you're giving them a quite a small portion of this food until they

learn to build up a little bit more I'm talking like bite size pieces

you should be cutting up the food really really small and also a very

very good tip is your puppies might seem like they are hungry they might be

wanting more and more and more food but puppy's eyes are definitely bigger than

their belly so make sure you're not over feeding your dogs at all because this

can actually affect them later on in life etc, and they might just get

addicted to having a certain amount of food which is not what you want to be

doing for little healthy puppies, now something I didn't know before researching

this video is that certain dog breeds actually require a certain amount of

food so definitely do contact your vet or look online at what your dog

breeds requirements are in terms of measurement and food etc, so yeah, do your

own research for that one because I feel like I'd have to do a whole video on each

individual breed and how much food they should be getting whereas you guys can

give that a Google yourself! But yes that is it for this week's video, I hope you

learned something new about what you should be feeding your puppy and when

they should be having their first solid foods, don't forget to give this video a

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