How Much To Feed A Puppy & How Often Should Puppies Eat

hey everyone that this is our new puppy

Thor and today we are gonna talk to you

guys about how much to feed a puppy and

how often a puppy should eat this is a

question I've gotten a lot since we

adopted Thor it really depends on the

food that you feed this type of food

this is a nutritious brands puppy food

just as an example there is feeding

guidelines on every commercial pet food

product if there is not feeding our

lines on the products you're feeding

your dog you should not be feeding that

the AFC Oh tests all of these foods to

make sure that they meet the

recommendations for whatever life stage

that they're talking about some foods

are made for all life stages some are

specifically for seniors or for puppies

Sadie so depending on you know the life

stage of your dog if the foods made for

all life stages that means puppy through

senior hood typically most veterinarians

can't a nutrition experts will recommend

feeding a puppy food a specific food

made for puppies they need certain

nutrients obviously that older dogs

adult dogs and senior dogs don't need

and it's especially important with large

breed dogs that grow very rapidly you

need to make sure that they get those

benefits so there should be information

on the packaging as a guide for how much

to feed in a day most recommendations

are for the daily quantity to feed your

pet typically with adult dogs and senior

pets you would feed two meals a day with

puppies I was recommended feeding at

least three to four meals a day if you

can do that automatic feeders are great

if you're not at home and not during the

day to be able to see them but I always

recommend three to four times per day

when they're less than six months old

like Thor he'll be six months old next

week actually it's easier for them to

digest smaller meals

helps to control those energy peaks and

Falls if you feed one big meal in the

morning he's going to get the calories

and the energy going but then he's gonna

kind of crash in the afternoon so

staggering those bills out helps to

spread out the energy and the calories

throughout the day when your dog gets to

be over six months old I still recommend

three to four meals a day if you don't

have the time for that you can cut back

to two or three meals a day especially

be a multiple dog spec that's usually

how people go is to get them on the same

feeding cycle of their other dogs when

you switch to adult food it's different

depending on the dog you want to switch

when your dog reaches full maturity and

not before that which is different for

different breeds I highly recommend

talking your veterinarian just as a

frame of reference typically smaller

breeds reach maturity between like 10

and 12 months medium breeze around 50

pounds or so it's usually like a year to

a year and a half large breed dog like

the work is a boxer Mastiff mix so he's

gonna be very big when he's fully grown

and typically larger dark like that

don't reach full maturity until about

two years old but again consult with

your veterinarian they can help you

decide that if you have any other

questions feel free to email me thanks

for watching this video guys