Should I feed my dog once a day? GSM and Sunni


had an email from Michael that asked a

great question and it was about his 15

week old puppy this is sunny and she's

about that age so we're gonna talk about

his question in this video cuz that's

okay yes honey you're not big enough to

jump off the table sunny we got rain the

Queen trolling hey reigned the Queen hey

they want to play play play play play I

might just let them play play play play

play rain you are so beautiful oh oh I'm

gonna let them go they want a place

sunny just got out okay y'all go have


now Michael emailed me and he had this

great question about his 15 week old

puppy he said and I think he sent me two

or three things and and I believe I

ended up calling him because if it's

gonna be a long tedious email answer I

like to if I have the opportunity just

call somebody say hey let me walk you

through this 15 week old puppy having

diarrhea a lot and he couldn't figure it

out so I started asking him a lot of

questions number one what kind of food

do you feed and he told me and I was

like well that's okay or that's really

good whatever it was that was not the

issue and then I asked him how much do

you feed a day and he told me how many

cups it was and and I was like well that

should be about right for a day okay let

me ask you this how many times a day do

you feed that puppy and he said once and

I was like that is most likely your

problem when you take a day of 15 week

old puppy they need to eat at least two

maybe three times a day they don't need

their digestive system they're really

cranked up you can't see this right now

but these two these two babies are just

having fun you got that J these two

babies are having fun going at it now

that's a 15 16 week old puppy right

there and

she has a lot of energy and that's what

they do okay now they have a lot of

energy and their entire system is kind

of cranked up their metabolism at AB

ilysm rate if that's a phrase is really


things are going going going so if you

take a day's worth of food and put it in

them all at once

number one they'll kind of have a little

bit of a sluggard e type attitude for a

while and Michael said yeah she does do

that after she eats she gets really full

and kind of blows up and she's just kind

of like dragging for a while I said okay

this is what we're gonna do we're gonna

take that same amount of food because I

think you're in the right right area

with the amount of food we're gonna take

that same amount of food and we're gonna

split it in thirds and I want you to

give after she's exercised and calm down

in the morning time I want you to give

her the first third now about 20 minutes

later she's probably gonna want to do a

poopy and then midday mid-afternoon you

want to give her the second third and

then an evening give her the final third

same amount just split it up in three or

at least twice a day minimum twice a day

I just like little puppies you know it's

she's at the age now Sonny to where

she's at twice a day so you know two

times a day would have been okay but

three times a day would have been better

to really get her into a firm poopy

stage and not diarrhea all the time so

what happened was after a couple of days

the puppy straightened out here's why

their metabolisms running rampant just

on just charged up put a big block of

food in there and their metabolism has

to get every bit of nutrition it can out

of the food before they eliminate it and

that much food in only one feeding a day

it can only process so much of that food

and the rest of it has just flushed out

in the form of a loose

stool so if you'll take and split those

up so that you have multiple feedings

during the day all my adult dogs all of

them get fed twice a day I fed once a

day four years probably 20 years but

then I learned this it's better to split

it up and I've been doing that for the

last 20-some odd years so give your dog

multiple meals not the same amount

multiple times but the daily amount

split it up at least twice and if you

have a really young puppy 8 9 10 12 13

14 15 ish weeks you want to feed them

three sometimes little puppies even four

times a day okay you got that Michel bra

thank you that was awesome what a great

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