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have you ever heard of this thing called

the fertility diet and have you done it



hello everyone and welcome to my channel

my name is Rachel and I make lifestyle

videos here on YouTube currently my

husband and I are trying to conceive and

we have been trying to conceive for over

a year and a half now

um I kind of shared this journey with

you all if you're not familiar with our

journey and the specifics of it I will

have our playlist link down below for

you to reference in case you're

wondering more about our story today I

wanted to kind of talk about something

that I've heard about I haven't done it

myself in particular but I'd love to get

your all's feedback as well if you've

kind of went if you've done this or kind

of if it's worked for you or if it

hasn't so I've heard a little bit on

YouTube about the fertility diet from

people who are going through infertility

themselves and I also started

researching it a little bit more and I

found an article that went into more

detail about it so I kind of want to

talk a little bit about the article and

get your all's opinions how it worked

for you did it help with your ovulation

that kind of stuff I'd love to hear your

all's feedback in the comments below so

this article is from USA Today and it's

titled are you TTC a look at the

fertility diet so basically it talks

about how many nutrition nutritional

experts say to follow the fertility diet

the plan is based on research from a

sinner PSA's Health Study it's one of

the largest and most comprehensive

studies on women's health

which informed 10 steps for improving

fertility through changes in diet weight

and activity

this January US News and World Report

which evaluated 40 of the most popular

diets with health experts ranked the

fertility diet as its 10th best diet

overall so it also gives a few stats

which I always think are really

interesting I don't know about you all

that the average couple only has a 25%

chance of actually getting pregnant each

month and

12% of women between the ages of 15 and

44 have difficulty getting pregnant or

carrying a pregnancy to term and that's

according to the Centers for Disease

Control okay so I want to scroll down

and talk a little bit about this okay so

here are the 10 steps that the fertility

diet suggest you to do and I'm not

saying I have done this myself because I

have not I've just been doing research

on it so the number one thing they say

to do and they say to avoid trans fats

so basically it raises the level of your

LDL or your bad cholesterol and the

second thing to do is says consume more

unsaturated vegetable oils so add more

olive oil and canola oil to your diet

and try to consume healthy fats from

foods like fish and avocados so I have

been doing that a lot lately

um get more protein from vegetables

instead of like a serving a steak

consider a serving of lentils I honestly

don't even know what lends alarm eats

low carbs so choose whole grains oatmeal

and vegetables which are not highly

refined over carbs like white bread and

pasta which can increase ambulatory

infertility which I never knew so that's

crazy that this says that it can mean

irregular ovulation or lack of ovulation

altogether so that's pretty interesting

number 5 says make it whole milk if

you're trying to get pregnant whole fat

dairy is the best choice opt for whole

milk over skim and enjoy a small dish of

ice cream or full fat yogurt each day I

can do me some ice cream that's for sure

number 6 is take a multivitamin

so folic acid and vitamin B are

essential I try to do that I probably

need to get more consistent with it

number 7 don't neglect iron intake get

plenty of iron but not from red meat eat

vegetables high in iron like spinach and

consider taking an iron supplement never

thought about that really drink water is

number eight skip

so to everything else coffee and alcohol

in moderation thank god I could so I'm a

coffee I'm kind of obsessed with coffee

um number nine get to a fertility a zone

wait so after I read this I went and

checked my BMI I'm actually fluctuated

in weight a little bit I'm not the type

of person to hop on the scale and

freaked out about my weight or anything

like that because honestly I've pretty

much stayed the same weight my whole

life until recently and after I got

married I guess just over the past year

I don't know what it is um I think my I

really think it's my activity level

where I do have a desk job and I'm not

like exercising regularly so I've tried

to change that I've gained about five

plus pounds and it's really weird for me

and I know most people be like oh my god

you're so dramatic

but I just wanted to make sure that I

was still in a good BMI zone which is

they say the best to get to a fertility

zone weight being in the fertility zone

means achieving a BMI of 20 to 24 and so

I checked mine and I am good it says

weighing too much or too little can

affect your menstrual cycle and the last

but not least it says be active if you

don't exercise regularly start starting

could help your fertility if you're

already active be careful not to over do

it according to resolve low body fat can

affect ovulation and fertility and right

here it says one in eight couples

experience infertility and that's a fact

that I have learned a lot so I think

this fertility diet thing is very

interesting I've seen a few couples

doing it here on YouTube and especially

when they start their IVF treatments

which I'm not at that phase but I

thought you know obviously you need to

be healthy anyways just for your overall

body and the longevity of your life and

the quality of life that you're gonna

have and so I really want to try to

incorporate more of these things and how

I can see hopefully I'll get pregnant or

I can at least see an improvement in my

ovulation or something like that so have

you all tried this diet if so like what

are some of the things that you like to

eat um any recipe ideas anything like

that leave it down below because if it's

not easy then it's so hard for me to

stick to so yeah just let me know your

thoughts on that I thought it was super

interesting and something that I'm

willing to try um so yeah let me know if

you know of anybody that tried it and it

helped them whatever so let me know um I

would love to hear your thoughts down in

the comments and don't forget to

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next video bye guys