COVID-19, Perfect Time to Start IVF Treatment?

we are free at home nothing to do let's

get pregnant or let's do some IVF

treatment because this time we will

never I will get that's a myth

we should never even think in that line

I'm doctor parted us and I'm a

reproductive endocrinologist in footage

and I give specialist and currently

working at orchid 42 Center at Dubai

Alka City since March we have been

getting a lot of cases new cases

cropping up in the United Emirates and

of course and nobody knew what to do

what was the step forward now the thing

was to do or not to do so we as

practitioners we have to fall back on

guidelines and these guidelines are the

best guidelines from American society

back to us and the in society from the

UK now these guidelines are very clear

that do not start until and unless we

are very clear about the effects of the

providers effective pregnancy and on one

child so with that note we stalled our

practice the full month of March and

April we did not do any kind of

fertility treatment but yes we were of

course in the clinic attending to the

patient's leave you have a lot of tele

consultations online consultations

getting to know the the history of our

patients and what they are like mother

talk T and B we we spoke to them for

what you have been it's one hour over

the phone and attended to the needs and

if we felt that there was the need we

for her for the patient of the couple to

come in and do some tests or some some


then we used to call them it was a quick

in-and-out and or lab tests and they

were back home and that used to discuss

the reports on not phone so that was the

scenario for the whole month of April

may be very conservative we did not do

any fresh people now towards the end of

April the Americ

society as well as they work on society

revised and they came up to say that

listen we can define the fertility

treatment as an urgent care need

specifically categories for those people

who wanted to start in March month but

they got cancer we can start with those

patients for somebody who is undergoing

cancer therapy and their eggs needs to

be frozen of their presence because it

so for them you finish up those cases

and you can go in for something called

freeze all where we can freeze those

embryos don't be in a rush to put the

embryos back and give them some time

maybe after 2 3 months by June July when

things are much better when you place

your same to us back so we achieve a

healthy pregnancy as well as you know a

successful outcome so yes so now study

from May onwards we have started our

ovulation induction we are conducting

ideas we have started keeping the

procedure now when we have started doing

those procedures as you understand that

IBF is not a one-day treatment it takes

15 to 20 days so we discuss with our

patients couples and ask you think they

have interacted with anybody who has any

kind of symptoms or they have any kind

of symptoms themselves like fever of

cold and so on and so forth and if all

those points are negative then we are

subjecting the couple for this

forfeitures web and oropharyngeal swab

to test Lukovic 19 and once a report

comes negative with that negative

documented report we stopped ovulation

induction and is stimulation and

cycle to the agreeable memories we have

let's say couple a we have studied the

idea first stimulation and the treatment

and now on the seventh of eights the of

injections she comes and presents with

fever or not feeling so good

often cold because right now we are in a

pandemic situation the first thing which

you have to suspect is that is she

having gotten a balance issue issue

should air your horrific sufferings on

the state and we will immediately do the

testing and nowadays the report comes

within 24-48 hours

so before we embark and continue her egg

retrieval process under anaesthesia we

will get the report and if the report is

positive of course we will be cancelling

her whole cycle and in case even if the

even if the report comes negative and

she is symptomatic still we will go

ahead and cancel a cycle because we

didn't beat all of them after one week

or two weeks done the rage she might be

positive so yes she should not carry the

stress of the whole treatment and become

positive later on so if any hints of

fever cough cold or any symptoms what we

husband to the wife then here we can

catch them and they are well counsel and

they are signing a consent saying that

these things can happen and they are

aware of the complications

I would like to start by saying let the

myth make that we are free at home

nothing to do

let's get pregnant or let's do some IV

treatment because this time people never

I forget that's a myth we should never

even in that line right but I came

having said that that does not mean that

you should not practice planning

naturally you can you can always get


exactly during this whole month of March

and April we did a lot of daily

consultations and guided a lot of the

couple and they got pregnant right so if

the husband is the wife were absolutely

healthy and they're following those

proportions then yes they can safely go

ahead and find again right in natural

number one number two if the need week

that they have to do any kind of arg

procedures and assisted reproductive

technology see us like in for you fine

insemination or in vitro fertilization

procedures then we do discuss with them

the steps which are just managed that

you have to be asymptomatic you need to

be doing this test you need to

understand actually nobody knows the

effect of the corona virus on on the

pregnancy hair as well as the animal jam

also we have to understand when we go

back February March a lot of ladies in

wuhan in China the pregnant it is very

terrible and all those were successful

outcomes in the sense that mothers were

not affected much or or the ladies

who've been affected they did not

transmit the virus to the baby and all

the babies still they are good nobody

has suffered any kind of consequences or

negative yield ill effects on the help

after the delivery of the after the

baby's delivery so coming back to the

point that do I need to do the IVF

treatment or fertility treatment yes

if you follow these points as we have

suggested yes you can if you're in that

bracket that you have been waiting for a

long time to get pregnant

and started this process a bit much then

yes you can start off with this process

and it is States to do it as of now no

all over the world the American Society

European society has not put any

untoward incident of this project 19

effect on the pregnancy and child so it

is a case-to-case individual to

individual talk and counseling session

that we are holding either face to face

or to tele consultation and once the

patients are very very assured that

everything is fine then then only they

step in again men that come to the

clinic we are not causing a traffic in

the clinic in the sense that we are

restricting our appointments like if

patient couple a comes in then by the

time she goes that is the time for the

couple be to come they are not coming

together number one and if there is a

lot of people coming in then we ask them

to wait in the parking lot in the car

once we are free in the lobby then we

call them upstairs and then we check the

month so those are the precautions we

are taking in the clinic safe practices

masks frequent hand-washing yeah and not

to grab