4 - How long did it take for IVF treatment to start? | Ask a dad

the process of getting to the treatment

stage of IVF was long and stressful in

itself from when we first went to our GP

for a referral through to going to see

our first consultant was maybe six

months so the Brooks here the process is

slightly skewed to long waits depending

on the borough you're in we were lucky

that our Bower offered us three trials

of IVF we first saw a consultant who

didn't get CF he didn't get how CF

affected fertility and his job was a

fertility consultant so from that point

we pretty much left that meeting feeling

completely downbeat but we didn't lose

hope we then went to another clinic that

had been recommended to us at the

Hamilton Hospital in London and that was

great from the second we walked into

finding out we were pregnant they were

with us every step of the way