Fertilizing Indoor Plants

fertilizers are products that we use to

make sure that the plants that we're

growing are well supplied with the

essential mineral elements that need to

be vigorous strong and healthy

we're oftentimes fertilizing plants

outside and for that purpose we use

granular fertilizers and these are

fertilizers come in larger bags and are

spread out by hand or using spreaders

when it comes to fertilizing indoor

plants or plants in containers however

those granular fertilizers are not the

best choice and let me show you some

good things that you could use first off

a slow-release fertilizer these slow

release or control release fertilizers

are applied once and we'll slowly

release nutrients over time fertilizing

for many months and this is a real labor

saver for those people who want to

fertilize and not have to fool with it

for an extended period of time

now you can also use soluble fertilizers

you can buy these in the liquid form or

in the powdered form in either instance

they are dissolved in water and applied

in a liquid form these do not last very

long once you apply them so generally

about every week or two weeks you'll

want to reapply these two plants that

are an active growth and then we have

these little spikes as well these spikes

are easy to use you simply push them

down into the soil and they will also

slowly release nutrients over time to

make sure that plants are well supplied

with those minerals that they need to be

healthy now do keep in mind that when it

comes to indoor plants or oftentimes

growing under less than ideal growing

conditions and that means they need less

fertilizer than plants may be growing

outside sit down over to your fertilizer

on your indoor plants generally

fertilize when they're in active growth

under good growing conditions and when

you do fertilize fertilize moderately

forget it growing I'm Dan Gill with the

LSU AG center