Fertilizing Roses with Paul Zimmerman

welcome to our video on feeding your garden

you've probably heard when it comes to roses that you've got to use incredibly

complicated feeding programs apply this product this week next week find

something even smellier sacrifice an Azalea stand on one leg do the praying mantis

all the various things you've heard about

that's good if you exhibit but we're not exhibiting we're growing garden roses

so right now let's explore a great feeding program that's easy

not complicated and even gives you time to smell the roses

I know what you're thinking this is not a real rose this is a plant they grew in a greenhouse

and its set decoration no these are plants on my farm

in the Upstate of South Carolina

this is the feeding program that i use and what I'm gonna have you use it's

good for your entire garden be roses

dianthus cottage Pink's russian sage Gower whatever it is you want to use

this will feed your entire garden

so let's first talk about the products we're going to use three things I'm gonna

have you use first is a time release fertilizer

I really like this one Jackson & Perkins dynamite rose food it feeds over time

from spring to summer through fall really good product for that

then you want a sea weed based fertilizer sea magic is a great one this is nice

because it dissolves in water and its easy to apply

the last thing you're going to get is like this organic rose-tone some sort of organic fertilizer

this is a good one

so those are the three products we're gonna use to get roses to look like this

this is Buster he's our resident cat we rescued him about six months ago

he's moved right in needless to say also great for vole patrol by the way

he does a great job with that he's hired

now that we know what we're going to feed with let's talk about how we're

going to apply here Buster take a break

ok the very first thing we talked about using is the granular fertilizer

this is the time release product this is gonna feed from spring through fall

I like to apply this when the roses have their first two sets of leaves out

that's the time to go ahead and put it down

basically as per directions this one just calls to sprinkle some on

open the cap

I kind of pour it in my hand and just kind of sprinkle it around the plant

and again I've got the Dianthus I can sprinkle it on that as well

I'm going to keep doing this throughout the entire garden and that's my spring application

that's the only time I'm gonna actually use this product

next product I'm gonna use is my seaweed based product

this is a real simple product to use basically what I'm gonna simply do

is open it up as per directions dissolve some in water

I'm gonna do this about every three weeks what I'll do is once its dissolved in there

I'm just gonna to water it in to the plants and this is one you can

even water on the plant as well on the foliage

I'm gonna do this about every three weeks is what I'm gonna do with that so that will

get me my three-week fertilizer with the seaweed based product

then in late summer because I really want a nice kick going into fall with my plants

I'm gonna use this product

it's basically it's an organic fertilizer and it doesn't have time


I don't want to use time release in late summer I don't wanna be feeding in the

winter and jeopardize new growth with the cold

that's why this is good and again as per directions I'm just gonna sprinkle it on

the garden and that's what I'm gonna basically do

that's your feeding program granule time release in the spring every three weeks

go ahead and use your seaweed then late summer hit it with your organic rose food

that's all you got to do and like I said at the beginning and gives you time to

stop and smell the roses all year long for Jackson & Perkins

this is Paul Zimmerman and thanks for joining us in the garden