this week for my tomatoes instead of

cutting the FIR cutting the furrow down

there fertilize it and covering it up

I'm doing something I did very

successfully on my raised bed garden and

I'm putting fertilizer in between each

tomato plant let me show you what I'm

doing so we are between the tomato cages

I mean each one of these is tomato cage

I think you see that I love tomato cages

the only thing two things bad about them

it's it's you can't get in there to weed

if you get some weed in there kind of

hard to get in there and weeds you can a

little more difficult and I like

fertilize a little closer to the plant

so what I do dig out a little trench and

I put in about maybe three two to three

tablespoons of fertilizer that's triple

13 cover it up and that gets it real

close close enough to the roots to

benefit but not hurt this is the end of

the row so you can see a little bit

better but I'll just come in here like

this between the plants put it in bet

maybe three tablespoons maybe two

whatever that was don't measure cover it