How to fish monk fish on Old School Runescape (Location/Requirements)

hey guys it's Kelsey and I wanted to do

a guide on how to fish monkfish on

runescape a lot of people will be

advancing their finishing fishing levels

and they'll realize in the upper level

fishing they'll get to 40 50 and then

realize that monkfish is an option and a

lot of people buy monkfish on the grand

exchange for just general healing

because they're cheaper than sharks but

still heal quite a bit but the heel 16

hit points which is pretty good and

therefore as an Ironman they're pretty a

good staple not necessarily for bossing

it depends on the type of boss Brazil

where they're great and just for general

Slayer in combat so I thought I would do

a guide on it so the requirements to

fish monkfish are 62 fishing will double

check died and you also need to complete

the quest swan song which is right here

I have it completed because I have other

quest completed however the requirements

for swan song are pretty difficult it's

considered a master quest not because

the quest itself is hard but pretty much

getting the requirements for it can be

pretty tricky the quirements to start

swan song is you're going to need a

hundred plus points 66 and magic which

is boost able you can get a wizards bond

that will give it plus three so you can

get sixty three sixty two cooking sixty

two fishing which the cooking is also

boost able and the fishing is boost able

45 smithing which is also boost able 42

fire making which is not boost able

forty crafting which is not boost able

so once again 100 quest point 66 magic

62 cooking 62 fishing 45 smithing 42

fire making them 40 crafting the only

boost able skills there is magic cooking

fishing and smithing and you need to

complete the one small favor quest and

garden of tranquility so that seems to

be rather frightening for some people

garden tranquility is not that bad of a

quest at all you just need to have a

little bit

patience with growing the crops and one

small favor can be a tedious quest

however it is worth it because you get

to 20 kxp lamps I believe in the end of

the quest which is amazing you're also

going to need some items required to

complete one small favor so basically to

start the quest you are going to reach

the piste a Taurus fishing colony and

you're going to talk to I believe Herman

Karen knows which is he's gonna be in

this location of north near this hole

but he's not here because I have

completed the quest but there would be a

guy named Herman and he'll be out here

to get to this location you simply

you're gonna go let's zoom out a little

bit so the best way I suggest as a

Pisgah Taurus scroll which you can get

from clues Scrolls often or simply from

you know buying one of the grand

exchange if you're a regular account

another ways to take the fire ring a QR

or I'm sorry a cue no a KQ sorry a KQ

and you can take the fairy ring here and

run up north another way you can do this

is take the eagles 2 equals peak and if

you don't want to do that what you can

do is teleport to tree gnome stronghold

and run all the way up here you can also

take a boat from this girl right here or

you can teleport from Ardoin or are


excuse me run from are doing and come

all the way here and if you can't do

that and the last method i would

recommend to camelot and run pass are

doing pasterino stronghold and all the

way to the Pisgah tours philip fishing

colony now another thing i want to say

is this as a falconer and a lot of

hunting up here so a lot of lower level

hunting is trained here and if you're

familiar with the Krakens later tasks

the Kraken Slayer tussles right here

which makes sense because this quest has

a boss in it a level 170 Slayer Mon ARP

sorry 170 C troll queen and she's a very

similar to the Kraken and you will need

to check a guide on how to defeat the

sea troll queen but honestly it's not

that bad you'll just need a pretty good

melee weapon and some pretty decent

stats I did it at level 60 to combat

however that was a struggle and I used a

lot of prayers so I really think 70 plus

combat maybe 75 plus combat is

recommended to quit complete swan song

other than that the quest swan song is

actually really short and easy to

complete it's only considered a masters

because of their requirements so we've

entered the gate and all that and once

you come down here there's a bank which

is really nice Arnold and basically some

fishing spots a lot of people have their

cross caves because they teleport here

from the faring and boom here you are

fishing moon fish I have a strange fruit

in my inventory because I simply got a

random event another thing I'm going to

say is after you've completed the quest

something that's really nice if you have

done the hard Western Province diary you

get one teleport to the Pisgah tours

fishing colony per day and that's why

people wield the banner so I hope that

you all enjoyed this guide fishing monk

fish is pretty decent XP fishing is

relatively slow anyway it's about 30k XP

an hour and basically if you want to afk

and get some great fish that's great or

if you want to sell it in the grand

exchange currently I'm going on 90

fishing on my Ironman about 6.8 K cooked

or uncooked and twelve table fish cooked

so I'm definitely collecting my monk

fish off up and have had a lot of

experience here if you have any other

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