How to get started in Dog Agility | Dog Tips and Tricks

hi my name is Anthony Clark I've been

lucky enough to compete in the top level

of British agility winning the

championship at Crufts and also

competing and winning medals for my


I'm currently competing with my dog

protests agility is where a handler has

to guide a dog through an obstacle

course as fast and as accurately as

possible if you're thinking of getting

started in agility here are some things

you need to know firstly agility is open

to all dogs both cross breeds and

pedigrees can compete in order to be

able to compete Kennel Club licensed

agility show your dog must be registered

on the Kennel Club's activity or breed

register when training your dog is

important to find a reward that works

for them

I train protest using treats and toys

before starting agility is important to

master basic obedience to maintain focus

and attention on you as a handler keep

reinforcing these behaviors as these

will stay with you for the rest of your

dog's career once these foundations are

in place make sure you speak with an

experienced agility trainer and they

will advise you when you can stop

finally agility is all about teamwork so

make sure you build a strong

relationship with your dog and now we're

going to take you through each

individual piece of equipment depending

on your dog's height the equipment will

be adjusted accordingly a standard jump

the idea of this is for the dog to be

able to take off from one side and land

successfully the other side without

knocking the jump pole off let's move on

to the long jump the idea of this is to

gain distance instead of height without

knocking over any of the sections next

we have the rising spread jump this

tests both distance and height now we

have the tunnel it's pretty

self-explanatory we want the dog to go

in one end and come out the other

the breakaway tire the idea is for the

dog to jump through the tire without

breaking it open because this would

result in a fault the wall this is a

solid jump the idea is for the dog to

jump it successfully without knocking

the bricks off the top next we have the

weave poles the dog must enter with the

first pole on its left-hand side and

continue through the poles until they

are completed

so now we're going to move on to the

contact equipment the contact zones are

indicated in a different color at the

start and finish of each individual

piece of equipment first we have the a

frame the idea is for the dog to climb

up and over touching the contact zones

on both ends secondly we have the dog

walk the idea is to go up across and

down touching the contact zone at both

ends lastly we have the seesaw it's

pretty self-explanatory but one thing to

remember is the dog must be in contact

with the seesaw when it touches the

ground this concludes all the equipment

that you will see in a standard agility

course when you're ready to compete at

an agility show you will have to pre

enter you will get to walk the course

before the competition starts you will

be judged on speed and accuracy on the

course in which the judge is set are now

going to show you protest and I running

a full course


I've taken you through all the basics of

agility it's now time for you to go and

find your local Kennel Club registered

agility club that's it from me so check

out the Kennel Club social media

channels to watch more videos and good