How To: Baseball Outfield Drills You MUST Be Doing!

hey guys what's going on coach Justin

here from ultimate baseball training and

in today's video I wanted to share with

you a few outfield drills that I think

you need to be doing on pretty much a

daily basis this is something whether

you're in Little League or professional

baseball you should probably be doing

all the time because we're going to work

on our footwork we're going to work on

you know turning our hips and getting

behind the baseball things that you're

going to have to do every single time

you're actually playing the outfield at

a real game so we need to stimulate

these in practice all right if don't

have a partner or a friend who can throw

you baseballs or whatever you can just

focus on the footwork aspect but it's

helpful if you have a coach or some sort

of a partner teammate whatever they can

actually toss you baseballs okay but

work with what you have that's the

bottom line all right so the first thing

you're going to need you're going to

need a baseball or a cone or something

that you can put on the ground in front

of you okay this is going to simulate

where we're going to get into our ready

position okay so as an outfielder you

know you should never just be standing

there like this like a bump on a log out

there when the pitch is being thrown you

want to have some sort of you know

momentum going towards the play you want

to start to get into a ready position

you don't necessarily have to be you

know super down here or whatever but if

you watch major league players they all

have some sort of motion towards the

play where they get on the balls of

their feet they get ready to go so

that's the first move that's we're going

to start you know a couple feet behind

the cone and we're going to act like the

pitch it's being thrown okay we're going

to walk forward get into a ready

position and the first drill that we're

going to work on it's drop steps okay so

that basically means the ball sit over

your head and we're working on our first

step back whether it's to the left

whether it's to the right like this or

whether it's the ball that was crushed

straight over our head and we have to

turn all the way flip our hips all the

way and turn completely behind us okay

but we're going to work on each area

okay what you want to focus on again get

into your ready position ready to go we

want to eliminate false steps so you

don't want to have this foot go forward

if I'm going to the left that's that

right there is a little false step we

want to avoid that what we want to do is

we want our first step to be flipping

our hips and over exaggerating this

drill over exaggerate that first step

and your first three steps you want to

really bust it okay really run so all

we're going to do is we're going to work

on let's go to the left first we're

going to work on you

our first drop step and sprinting maybe

three or four yards if you have a

partner they can throw a ball over your

head you can catch it and then get into

a ready position all right this is what

it looks like to the left now we can do

the same thing but to the right this

time okay so again if you feedback take

my creep step boom now let's go straight

back let's go glove side alright so

getting ready here is being thrown

now and then the last kind of drop step

that I really like to work on we've gone


we've gone right we've gone straight

back now what about a ball that's hit

you know I'm late let's say I'm playing

left field and the balls hitting the

left center gap then I have to go

sideways more now we're going to work on

that just explode a few steps directly

sideways each direction okay boom go

back this way


all right so the next one I like to call

this the get behind the baseball drill

okay so we're going to take we're going

to leave some of these codes here I'm

going to take one cone and I'm going to

put it I don't know anywhere from

probably five to ten yards back all

right I'm probably five six yards right

here all right so I'm going to put that

down directly behind this cone now well

we're going to simulate here with this

back cone is this is where I'm actually

going to catch the baseball so I'm gonna

act like there's a fly ball hit this is

where I'm actually going to catch the

baseball all right but as an outfielder

we never want to you know run back to

where the ball is we're going to catch

it and just stand there like this and

then catch it and then we have no

momentum going into our throw we always

want to get a few feet behind the

baseball off we're there early you can

kind of chop your feet and then come

through the baseball but you always want

to be behind the baseball ok so again

what we're going to work on this cone

we're going to come up to it take a drop

step maybe a coach can point a direction

we're going to take a drop step we're

going to come back like this

remember this is we're going to catch

the ball so were going to hit behind it

chop our feet and then just get our

footwork right act like we're going to

make a crow hop and make a throw

obviously work with what you got if you

have a partner who can either hit you or

throw you flat balls that's perfect if

you have another teammate that can stand

on a base then you can actually

incorporate making throws that base but

work on always getting behind the

baseball if you can all right the last

drill is called the zigzag drill as

outfielders when the ball is hit over

our head sometimes we lose track of it

sometimes you know we miss read a fly

ball sometimes the wind will carry in a

particular direction and you have to

flip your hips a little bit or possibly

sometimes even really quickly turn your

head and turn the other direction okay

so that's what we're going to work on

with this zigzag drill I have some cones

set up here and they're kind of you know

in a zigzag format what I'm going to do

is I'm going to start at this cone here

and all we're working on we don't even

need a ball we're working on our

footwork we're working on flipping our

hips okay so we're going to start here

what I'm going to do again get into a

ready position I'm going to take that

drop step and I'm going to go this way

and when I get to this cone I'm going to

flip my hips and go this way and then

flipped my hips and then finally one

more time flip my hips like this okay so

you're going to go obviously as quick as

you can but you want to stay under

control the entire times you can go

through it and flip your hips this way

where you're never taking your eyes off

the ball and then you can go through

again you know this is kind of a last

resort you always want to keep your eyes

on the baseball if possible but

sometimes you know if you're going this

way and the ball you know does something

crazy or you really misread it sometimes

you're going to have to quickly flip

your head like this and turn on a dime

okay so the whole goal there is to just

flip your head as quick as possible but

the zigzag drill it's great because

again how fielder's we're always turning

our hips and you want great hip mobility

you want to be able to really move out

there this is a great footwork drill

that's going to help you get there okay

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