Folic Acid Is Vital To Getting Pregnant | Good Morning Britain

now here's something that will interest

you especially if you are interested in

getting having a baby anytime soon

folic acid has been long been known to

help us all maintain a healthy lifestyle

in particular those who are looking to

get pregnant well the British pregnancy

advisory service is calling on health

ministers to fortify our flower with the

essential vitamin saying that it could

prevent a thousand pregnancies being

affected by serious defects each year in

the UK there are already more than 50

countries worldwide where fortification

has been implemented and it would save

taxpayers an estimated five million

pounds a year right well for more we're

joined by our dr. Henry go keeping you

busy this morning Hill's

solook folic acid we know is useful to

take when pregnant I think perhaps the

message that hasn't been getting through

is you have to take it before you even

think about getting pregnant it's

absolutely vital because it's the

formation of the neural tube in the baby

that's the spinal cord and brain is that

tube which surrounds those sensitive

structures which forms in the very early

stages of pregnancy so if you haven't

got enough folic acid onboard yeah at

that point you run the risk of your baby

being affected by there's very serious

disorders by the time you know you're

having a baby it's probably too late

that's often the case and we have about

a thousand pregnancies affected by spina

bifida and anencephaly where the skull

and brain are properly formed every year

in the UK is 1 in 700 pregnancies and we

could reduce that significantly probably

by fortifying wheat flour with folic

acid it's so vital for women who are

thinking about getting pregnant and

pregnant women to be taking this but

what about everybody else I mean is

there a risk that you know it could have

side effects in other members of the

population it's it's really safe it's

it's it's it's um

a mineral which is present it's a

vitamin which is present in most foods

but it's in broccoli it's in spinach

peas chickpeas asparagus liver

we already fortify cereals with folic

acid very safe in large doses but we're

only talking about naught point 2

milligrams a day that's the recommended

amount but double that for a pregnant

woman yes so because that's one of the

things that I remember you and I talking

a few months back there was a report

wasn't there that suggested various

vitamins you take a supplement b12 and

folic acid

could increase risks of cancer but you

say that's not the case in the in the

sort of amounts we're talking about when

you fortify wheat flour we're not

talking about anything as well I thought

well if I think you're taking supplement

as well always be advised and look at

your diet and be advised by a healthcare

professional if you're taking

supplements of any kind but I think it's

a bit of a no-brainer and it's kind of

50 other countries are doing this we

already fortify wheat flour with calcium

with iron with B group vitamins folic

acid in there would really help with

this situation of spina bifida or

anything carefully taking so long to

come about because this is recommended

quite some time ago yes I mean there

have been objections to adding every

anything to foods is the objections

about Fleur I there's objections to

adding that to the water supply so it

has to be tempered against the the work

what we actually see epidemiologically

but I think the evidence is

overwhelmingly that the pretty young

British women who are the ones likely to

have babies are low in folic acid if you

if you look at their phallic acid I was

there on the low side compared to the

rest of Europe and that's one of the

reasons why we're seeing so many of

these birth defects and we can't change

that and the body can't store it you

need to have it every day