Best Time To Plant A Food Plot

now we are in early May and man there's

got to be a lot of food plots going in

the ground right now but really is it

the best time and I want to talking

about planting late summer fall

especially when it comes to food plot

you know right now the property we're

buying in Minnesota the farms are

actively being worked up that manure on

the fields they were tilling the fields

and then they just put in corn that's a

matter of four days I mean so they're

really hopping on things right now in

the AG world and and so everything's

getting in the ground so it just seems

like a lot of people are pulled into

food plotting this year and of course if

you're planting beans they have to go in

the ground soon if you're planting corn

they have to go in the ground soon so

that's a little bit different but if

you're putting clover in if you're

adding perennials if you really want to

have a really good ability to influence

the herd and I'm not even just saying

influence your hunt because if you're

not influencing your hunt you're not

influenced I heard you're if you're not

influenced in the herd you're not

influenced in the hunt those both go

together you can't influence the herd in

April May June July no the deer in your

local neighborhood don't need your

groceries that you put out for them in

the summertime there's plenty of food to

go around in most of the north half of

the entire country in fact there's

usually several times more food than the

deer need in the north half of the

country so think about that different

than the arid Southwest and some of the

very southern portions where there's so

much drought during the summertime it

really is a time of need in the

whitetail world that's completely

different the North or what most you are

watching this nothing against the south

but there's a lot of deer numbers when

you get up into Pennsylvania and

Michigan Wisconsin Minnesota Indiana

Illinois and New York just some big

giant deer States up in this area in

Ohio you know I know I'm gonna forget

more Missouri or whatever but think

about the fall so when I mean about the

fall I'm talking about late summer and a

lot of my crops are going in the ground

anywhere from August 1st to September

1st Labor Day even up in the mid sub mid

mid September mid September is great

timing for certain crops certain food

plot forages such as oats wheat rye

layering crops over failed crops at that

time is great for winter rye just

throwing it over your plots that have

failed at that moment a lot of crop

failures I see it still

number one crop feelers on ten I was on

ten client properties in twelve days in

Michigan over the last couple weeks

and in that trip I'd say half of my

clients had all had failed bean

plantings it's something because they're

not making it to the hunting season and

there's hardly even any food here in the

middle of summer so yeah there's certain

crop certain food plots that you have to

plant this time of year corn would be

number one in my book in fact I have

some corn going into my new land that'll

probably be going in over the next month

fall consider it

late summer there's several reasons that

that is the best time to plant now bring

up one there's a lot of crop failures

out there and I'm just trying to make

you guys have great food plots I have no

agenda other than I was interesting

someone said something the other day

about I had an agenda for my sponsors or

whatever else but I'll tell you what if

a sponsor wouldn't let me do things the

way I do it by by sponsor I don't need

them that bad I love my partners I have

some incredible partners I wouldn't be

working with them and I'm very very

blessed to do so but no one tells me

what to say online YouTube anywhere

Instagram Facebook social media online

did your content anything what that's

simply what I talk about is what I've

seen work times a thousand people's

property that I've gone to since 2005 my

own experience the experience from when

I was awarded that 2004

el brothers deer manager the Year award

from the Q DMA it all goes back a very

long time I just want you guys to be

successful purely in this first point

when you plant late summer moisture is

on the increase what do you think about

that a second if you get a crop

establish one of my only crop of fail

crop failures going back to 1995 was in

the early 2000s when I had a great

clover crop that was established in May

up in the upm Michigan light soils we

ended up in nine weeks we got less than

an inch of rain clover can take a whole

lot especially when it gets up into that

five six seven inches high and it's

becoming a little bit more mature stem

stems or rut systems then fully

entrenched into the ground and taken

hold but it can't take drought and and

that's why from that point on I never

planted clover in the spring other than

to frost he didn't some holes

might already establish Cloverfield the

best time to establish clover is in the

late summer that August September

timeframe because moisture is on the


another thing weeds are dying at that

time they're not thriving

it's pretty crazy during that drought

where there was less than one inch of

rain and nine weeks up in the U P it's

amazing how the weeds still thrived all

summer long on those same plots when you

get into the fall the weeds are drying

they're trying crispy I had to deal with

a lot of ferns up there they're turning

Brown at that time of the year really

good time to get a crop established and

not only are weeds dying at that time

and they're turning brown but you've had

all summer then to take care of the

weeds and to take care of your plots get

any kind of sticks and debris and rocks

out of new plots get the weeds out of

your plots and no weedy plots are not

good during the summer time someone can

show a video of deer going over a clean

plot to a weedy plot well sure they like

diversity during the summertime but

let's go back to what I just said

weeds are dying at that time not

thriving so those weeds are not

available in food plots so the food

plots become extremely low volume after

you get those weeds out of there and

you're left with a field of open stems

and poorly formed and matured food plot

crops with nothing else available in

October November December and you're not

gonna be influenced any hurt at all

so think about that weeds are dying

they're not thriving moisture is on the


also perfect time like I said with the

clover to establish a perennial base if

you want it if you want to establish

clover at that time chicory L thoughtful

whatever it might be great time to get

those combinations of perennials on the


I really don't often like where it's a

total straight clover blend alfalfa

chicory I do like combinations if I am

going to put a perennial in just to go

back to that diversity bass great time

to put it in at that time because the

moisture is on the increase you have low

weed competition you've been able to

take care of your weeds all summer long

you get a great shot of winter dormancy

with a lot of moisture in the ground you

go into the springtime with another

round of great moisture and then

the moisture is on the decrease as you

go into the following summer and if

there's drought what I found even in

light poor soils that your perennials

will establish they'll establish well it

is almost impossible to kill those

perennials out the following year when

drought hits when you've actually

planned to them during the late summer

and got that shot a fall moisture winter

dormancy then spring moisture so by the

time they get they become established

and they're growing the following summer

and drought hits that rut system as well

into the ground and matured so that you

can withstand even the greatest drought

at that time also great time for in

timing for putting those perennials in

when you actually have a cool season

cover crop because the coolest even

school season cover crop is actually

what's going to define your hunting

season that cool see as I start blending

brassicas and clover in the end of the

90s together in the fall and the reason

I did that I added the - there were no

mixes available at that time there was

nothing online of course no one talking

about that I wanted to do that because I

wanted the power of the cool season

annual of the brassicas up in the upm

Michigan followed by the clover the

following year because I was building a

deer herd and so until that deer herd

was fully built - what I thought the

carrying capacity was in 2006 then from

99 to 2006 I was in herd building mode

and that meant perennials every single

year and those perennial location

rotations so that was a great time I

could I planted him with oats in clover

bird's foot trefoil chicory and then I

planted those with winter rye the oats

died out during the winter that was kind

of nice about the oats but they were

also brown even cold hearty oats in

November in December so they didn't

offer much in the fall at that time so I

found I really migrated towards just

purely winter rye and then I'd either

used cuffing them in the spring which is

a grass specific herbicide and I'd kill

the grass out in the spring or I'd mow

the Rye down to just expose the clover

and kill the Rye and allow the clover to

come in so between Braska oats rye and

huit you can establish that pernil base

in the fall you can have a great food

source for the fall and then you have

that carryover of the perennial the

following year and lastly but not least

a great time to plant late summer

because you can target purely specific

cool season annuals the cool season

annuals or even summer annuals give you

the best bang for your buck during that

time of the season so say for example if

soybeans were appropriate and you're

trying to build the deer herd on your

land I really only like to plant summer

food sources you know you see a lot of

stuff on online that it's inaccurate one

of those things and people someone said

I don't like summer food plots well I

don't normally but if you're building a

herd you're trying to establish a

pattern of use on new food plots summer

food is certainly appropriate but so

many properties that go to have way too

many dough's because of that summer food

so the first way to reduce your deer

population if needed is to reduce or

eliminate the summer food sources not

trigger control the first step is just

get them off your land in the first

place so you don't have to shoot and let

your neighbor shoot them

don't create such a vacuum on your land

but bottom line is great time whether

you are going for a summer annual let's

say sunflower seeds Sun hemp soybeans

whatever it might be you're going to get

more volume more growth in more

nutrition for that period of time if you

use a summer annual as opposed to clover

or some other type of perennial and then

if you go into the fall you're going to

get the most volume per month in the

amount of food per month

and diversity per month if you plant a

combination of cool season annuals and

you don't plant those cool season

annuals like brassicas oats and rye or

wheat or peas or late planted beans in

the springtime or early summer you plant

them during the fall so that you can get

the most amount of volume through your

food sources and guess what if you are

hitting that fall timeframe and I'm

talking about September October November

December into the winter into January

maybe even February if you're offering a

lot of food during that time and you're

offering a lot of habitat and a lot of

cover a lot of stem come

regeneration then you're going to be the

hurt influencer if and this is a big if

we can talk about the best time to plant

a food plot we can talk about how to

manage your habitat like I do on this

channel all the time then we can talk

about all those strategies that work and

that I've seen worked on hundreds of

clients land lands literally hundreds of

clients land client lands but if you do

all that and you don't manage your

hunting pressure then it's all for

naught in fact if you do it all right

with habitat food cover and you actually

go in there and pressure the deer herd

too much you let the deer pattern you

more than you can patter them then all

those great habitat improvements are

going to be for naught you're actually

gonna make it harder on yourself than if

you had planted those habitat forms of

cover and food in the first place so

always think about that your hunting

pressure and how you manage your hunting

that's always the low lowest hole in the

bucket it doesn't matter if you're on

public land or private land you have to

manage that first everything you do when

you're creating habitat when you're

playing food plots it doesn't matter if

it's at the right time or not if you're

not managing your hunting property

you're not managing your hunting

pressure on your property then you're

going to spook more deer for your

habitat efforts and it's always the

lowest hole in the bucket think about

that the best time to plan a food plot

isn't right now it is for some very

specific food plot varieties but you

might want to even question if you

should be planting those in the first

place everyone wants to get out right

now and plant again it's early May I

believe it's May 3rd today so we're

right at that point where so much is

going into the ground but farming is not

food plotting food plotting is not

farming completely different think about

that as we're going in throughout the

summer getting your food plots ready I

have about 6070 food plot strategy

videos and my food plot playlist I

invite you to check those out I talk

about this stuff a lot but when it comes

to the best timing of when you should be

planning your food plots consider that's

probably right now we're still a few

months away it's just around the corner

though and deer season crazy I think

it's four months away if I'm doing the

math right in my head right now early

September in a lot of states crazy crazy

it comes fast

and don't be acting too fast when it

comes to your food plots this year the

best time is still yet to come