Learn How To Make A Food Plot With No Equipment!

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this video we're going to be putting in

a food plot with basically just hand

tools if you guys remember is probably

about three weeks ago we came through

and I explained in this little kill plot


Micro Micro Micro kill plot what we're

gonna do with it so I came through

probably two months ago

it's about a couple hundred pounds of

lime three weeks a month ago I came

through spray some philosophy killed it

as you can see it is dead I just got in

here today we're going to be using some

hand tools a rake a weed whacker we're

going to get it in here and we whack all

this stuff that's on top the soil here

get that get a nice soil bed get the

rake rake it up and then we're going to

be fertilizing and we're gonna be

playing some seat so literally with what

we're doing with this little kill pot I

don't ever want to hear one of you guys

say that you can't do a food plot

somebody can do it for you if you

physically can't do it but for anybody

can do this guys anybody and I'm gonna

show you guys how we


messy right what a mess but we told you

we lacquer roughly took about 20 minutes

and this is a 20 yard by 20 yard area

about 20 minutes 25 minutes or so we got

pretty much got down to bare dirt or I

get the rake or I'll rake all this out

of here and then see where we're at and

then see if we got good contact to the


if not we'll hit it with the weed

whacker a little bit more rear a kit and

we're ready it's a plan

alright guys little blood sweat and

tears yet but this is what it takes or

we just got done breaking most of the

Duff off the ground dead grasses and

stuff that we hit with the weed whacker

we're pretty much down to bare soil

there are a few little areas that's

questionable but we're gonna go ahead

and we're are going to oversee it a

little bit


alright guys again doesn't seem like

much right this is literally a micro

keel pot but sometimes is this all it

takes a little bit of hard work a little

bit of sweat get into an area or either

you have open sunlight or if you have to

do some hack and squirt cut a few trees

out the way with this we're gonna go

ahead and seed with some clover I

figured that would be the best option in

this area being that it probably is

going to get over grazed and best

worst-case scenario I'll just have to

rope it all I'm gonna put a choke hammer

in here it's five point in that far

corner want a t-posts just a monitor the

activity in here make sure it's growing

and all that good stuff so right now

we're going to go ahead and seed being

that we don't have a hundred percent the

best soil to see contact we're going to

oversee it a little bit as you can see

it's very cloudy out and within a matter

of minutes it's gonna rain so this is a

perfect time to get the seed in here

I'll let that rain pound the seat into

the dirt a little bit let it cover up

and hopefully we'll come back in here in

a week week and a half two weeks and we

should have some good germination enjoy

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you guys next time

do you guys can see anybody can do this

you know I came in here with a glass of

fake killed off the weeds came back in

with a weed whacker burned most of that

Duff off the top of the ground there

raked it up a little bit broadcasted the

seed and you know we have a little kill

plot we have a spy point camera over

here we're gonna we're gonna go ahead

and pull the card on that and if there's

anything decent on there I'll go ahead

and insert the pictures into this clip

but get out there guys get motivated use

a weed whacker leaf blower and I think

you possibly can find do this and your

hunting will improve I promise you guys

just trust me on it get out there get

motivated and good luck thank you guys