A Man's Hilarious Reaction to a Pregnancy Test || STEVE HARVEY

- [Woman] Let's see how loud he bout to be.

Do me a favor.

Hand me my tea right there on the thing.

I forgot it in the, I'm sorry, my bad.

My bad.

(TV sports in the background)

(woman laughing)

Where my tea at?

- I'm leaving!

(woman laughing)

God, no!

Please, where you got that?

You got that from a joke store?

- [Woman] Did I get it from a where?

- Did you get it from a joke store?

Did you get it from a joke store?

- [Woman] No.

(woman laughing)

- Wait, wait.

You got a blue marker?

You got a blue marker?!

You got a blue marker!

You got a blue marker, where it's at?

You fixed this.

Fix it, Jesus, fix it!

Turn (blows).

- [Woman] Really?


- Babe. - Really?

- Babe, is this real?

- [Woman] Yes.

- I thought your AT was here.

What the hell? - No.


- Wait, wait, wait.

Wait, wait, wait.

(breathing heavily) (woman laughing)

Oh Lord, my chest.

(beeping) My chest.

Is you serious?

Did you do this with a marker?

- [Woman] Yeah, I did that with a marker.

Yeah, I did it with a - Oh, thank you.

- marker baby.

Boy, I ain't do that with no damn marker!

- Whoa, you're serious!

You serious?

- [Woman] Yes!

- You serious? - Yeah.

- Baby, we old!

We old, we can't be doing this.

We not doin' it no more.

(woman laughing) I'm done.

I'm done!

I'm done. (woman laughing)

Don't ask me for nothin' no more.

Don't wake me up, no.

- Boy, you got me choking.

- I'm sleeping with long johns on from now on.

Babe is you serious?

- [Woman] Yes.

- Where did you get this from?

Did you borrow somebody pregnancy test?

- [Woman] Really, you loud.

- Babe. - Babe.

- Babe, what we gon' do?

- [Woman] What you mean what we gon' do?

We're gon' do the same thing we did for the last three.

- Oh baby, just,

oh Lord, diapers.

- [Woman] Really?


- You jokin'?

- [Woman] No I'm not jokin'.

- Oh Lord, she's serious.

Oh, my side. (woman laughing)

Oh, now my side hurt.

Oh (beeping).

Oh my God, my side.

- [Woman] What's wrong with you?

You showing every verse?

- OK, so it do have a line on this side

says not pregnant.

- [Woman] No.

That is not for that.

Do you see that?

- Oh Lord, they got the cross.

Oh I see the cross, I see it.

God damn the plus sign.

We bout to add another, addition.

(woman laughing) (man screaming)

- [Woman] He wasn't ready!

- Oh Lord, I'm 38!

I'm bout to be 39.

What is you laughin' for?

- [Woman] I am laughing because you is hilarious.

- Oh my God, my side.

- [Woman] Your side hurt?

- Oh, all up in patella.

- [Woman] You don't have a patella.

- I'm pretty sure we bout to have a patella coming soon.

(woman laughing) God!

- [Woman] You alright?

- How long you knew this?

Charles, I just took it like a few minutes ago.

- Was this from last night?

That was quick!

(woman laughing) (beeping)

- God.

Oh, what we gon' do?

- [Woman] We gon' be alright.

- We gon' be alright.

- [Woman] You gon' be alright? - We gon' be alright.