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Hey ladies llama shirt here today I'm

going to talk about how I built my

exclusively pumping schedule from two

hours postpartum to 12 months postpartum

to ensure that I'm making 50 to 60

ounces a day to cover my babies means

and I was able to cover my toddler's

needs if you guys are interested in how

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thing you need to do is make sure that

you're pumping right away I would say

around two hours postpartum if you're

not going to be nursing if you are going

to build up your supply the first six

weeks or even more with having your baby

nurse definitely do that first because

that will really help your supply

definitely more than any pump out there

so to start off if you are exclusively

pumping make sure that you're starting

out two hours postpartum don't wait too

long before you start pumping because

that can affect your supply and then you

will not be making enough for your baby

so first thing you guys need to do and

I'm using my handy board over here is

you guys need to start with eight pumps

a day and when I say pasta daming eight

puns per 24-hour period to stick to the

pump every two hours to three hours time

frame I'm breaking it out for you to

easily be able to manage your schedule

so I broke it out in the wakeup pump

which is always going to happen as long

as you're exclusively pumping along

would be before going to bed pump which

again is always going to happen before

going to bed so the awake

and before we going to bed are going to

be pumps that will never change until

you actually wean off pumping then I

broke it out into the daytime pubs which

is pretty much any pump during the time

that you are awake excluding the wake up

and before bed and then the nighttime

pumps the first thing that I did is I

maintained the schedule right here 7:00

a.m. 10:00 a.m. 1 p.m. 4 p.m. 7 p.m. 10

p.m. to midnight pumps at 1:00 a.m. and

4 a.m.

I made the mistake with my first baby

where I didn't do this and I did not

make enough milk for him this is my

second baby schedule so this is where I

was able to make 50 to 60 ounces a day

of milk to supply for my baby I was able

to fully feed him exclusively breast

milk during the whole first year I was

able to stash away some milk if you guys

check out my how I increase my milk

supply you'll see how much milk I had in

my freezer and I was able to give my

toddler my poor toddler that did not get

much breast milk the first year of his

life he was able to get a lot more when

he was a toddler at 2 years old it's

really important that you stick to this

for at least the first six to eight week

until your milk supply regulates which

means your body knows how much your

being is going to be consuming it tends

to produce that same amount unless of

course you change your schedule for a

prolonged period of time that's what I

did up until 14 weeks postpartum I was

at eight pumps at that time point I was

making eight to nine ounces every pump I

was having during the daytime and before

bed and then they wake up and nighttime

pumps made me close to 12 to 16 ounces

which is amazing those nighttime pumps

were the most productive for me so this

is going to be dependent on you guys and

your goals my goal was to reach one year

of giving my baby breast milk when I

reached 14 weeks and I was comfortable

with what I was making

I finally was able to drop one of my

nighttime pumps so I dropped one of my

nighttime pumps and I did not touch any

of those first few pumps okay so in

order to really maximize the amount of

milk I was producing at night I actually

combined these two two pumps right here

to a three AM pump okay so I dropped the

1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. I made them a

3:00 a.m. so I actually dropped one pump

just one pump but I made sure to change

the time to make sure that I'm

distributing the pumps appropriately to

not lose my supply and when they did

that I did not lose any elses if

anything I made more because I was going

longer and not pumping at night while

still maintaining my demand because it's

all about supply and demand guys I

maintained my demand during the daytime

pumps and my body knew that there was

demand so the luck I went longer at

night but I still made more milk per

that 3 a.m. pump because my supply has

regulated at 4 months old that's when

they usually recommend that you

introduce some solid foods I actually

tried to introduce all the foods my baby

didn't have it so I tried a few times he

didn't want it I just said okay you know

who you want breast milk to 6 months

let's do it so at 4 months I actually

had a really good stash already built up

in my freezer so I thought I would go

ahead and drop a pump but guys don't

make the mistake of dropping the

nighttime pump too soon that will really

affect your supply because if you're

going eight hours in between you might

jeopardize your supply again at 4 months

I still wanted to go to ear so I did not

drop the night at nighttime pump at that

point I dropped one of the daytime pumps

you obviously can't drop the wake up or

before bed pumps because you need those

you need to be empty

you go to bed and you need to pump right

away when you wake up because you're

going to be engorged 11:30 p.m. and 6:30

so during the work day I had two pumps

and then one pump right after I stopped

working and then finally my pump before

bed which worked really good with time

management especially with a baby and a

toddler all right so we reached six

months of age and my baby started having

solid foods and started eating and he

loved food so I didn't need to pump as

much anymore so I thought let's go ahead

and get rid of that really annoying

midnight pump so at that point just

remember when you do that you might see

it a little decrease in your supply at

5:00 I started 5 pumps per per 24 hour

period right at 6 months postpartum all


so at that point everything remained the

same though like I said the wake up hood

before bed stays the same day time

remain the same at these timeframes the

only thing I did was completely remove

the night time pumps and at that point I

even made it a lot more when I woke up

in the morning because my bod I was

again still keeping my supply the demand

going with the same interval in the

daytime and that my body knew they were

still demand but assuming that my baby

started sleeping the night so at the 7

a.m. pump

I made close to 14 to 16 ounces which is

pretty amazing at 10 months I was at 4

pumps and right from there right at 10

months when I already had a lot of milk

in the freezer

I started slowly every few weeks

decreasing my pumps to where I went down

to two pumps

and eventually one pump and eventually

completely stopped at one-year mark all

right ladies I hope that helped you

figure out how to build your exclusively

pumping schedule or not even exclusively

pumping but for anybody that wants to

build a schedule all you have to do if

you are nursing is just assume that one

of your nursing sessions is a puff

session and use that schedule to

hopefully supply your being you with

breast milk as long as you guys find fit

good luck and don't forget to subscribe

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