Gonal-f® (FSH) Medication Information and Injection Instructions - The Reproductive Medicine Group

today I want to teach you how to use

your gonal-f which is also a brand name

for follicle stimulating hormone you may

hear it referred to as FSH in the AR T

Department or seen written on your

calendar as FSH as well well you need to

know about this particular medication is

there is another brand name out there

follow stem they are interchangeable so

if for some reason your pharmacy sends

you gonna left first and you receive

follow sim later in the cycle that's

absolutely okay you just need to let

your nurse know so we can make a note in

your chart that being said your dosing

is day specific and patient specific if

your doctor has chosen a dosing know

that that can adjust during your cycle

depending on your particular response

and that from day to day your response

can change so just keep that in mind

that your doctor is well aware and is

adjusting accordingly that being said

let's get started I want you to clean

your hands obviously alcohol is great

soap and warm water is even better if

you can I want you to alcohol your skin

10 seconds rubbing vigorously being

careful not to waft or wave when you

finished just let it air dry inside your

box you're gonna see a prefilled pen

you're also going to be given some of

these needle caps that will all be

included in a kit for you these pens can

come anywhere from a 300 unit dose 600

unit dose or even a 900 pen and that's

absolutely okay you'll first take off

the cap can be a little difficult

sometimes to pull the first time then I

want you to peel back the paper from

your needle cap you'll screw that onto

the end of your pen and you're just

gonna remove this outside layer of the

protective cap first the next thing

we're going to do is set our dosing and

as I mentioned dosing can vary from 75

units daily all the way up to 450 units

daily you might even have a doctor

prescribed to you dosing twice daily

where you may take 225 doses twice daily

and that's absolutely okay when you're

dialing up your pen all you're gonna do

is twist the pen just like so and you're

gonna see in a little way

here the number and that's your dosing

number you just continue to twist until

you find the number that the nurse has

told you to select for the day today I'm

going with 300 and what you should know

about this pen if you perchance dial

past your dosing number you just dial it

right back down super easy so we're

going to go ahead and select our 300

we're good to go here 300 is selected

now we're ready our skin is dry all we

have to do is inject what I will tell

you as your prop caution this pin can be

a little tough so I want you to make

sure you got your strong thumb ready

because that's what we're going to use

to inject today okay take off that

safety cap your needle will be exposed

you do not need to prime this okay it is

ready to go I want you to go straight

into your belly pick pinch your skin and

pick a spot that's at least one inch

away from your belly button I want you

to go in like you're pushing into a pin

cap you're just going to push push push

all the way down until you see a zero in

your window when you see a zero there

you've given your daily dose and you're