Game of Thrones Beginner’s Guide: Uncensored (HBO)

ok newbie we've only got a few minutes

and a lot to cover so listen up the

first thing you need to know about this

world is no not dragons those

dragons focus the seasons in this place

last ridiculous in a long time so when

we start this everyone has just come out

of a long long summer so let's just say

ain't too happy about winter coming

winter is coming winter is coming winter

is coming

stop that you're making me uncomfortable

open Westeros Lord Eddard Stark aka Ned

is asked by his friend the King Robert

Baratheon to be the hand of the king aka

right-hand man Ned doesn't want to go

but that's his boy so he uproots his

family and heads to King's Landing

Knights family right don't get attached

I'm just saying

over on eso's the Exile children of

House Targaryen want King Robert did and

the throne back in their family before

Robert it belonged to their father the

Mad King who tried to burn everybody in

the kingdom to a crispy wildfire until

this killed him now he's

the cave's brother-in-law

the Queen's twin brother put a pin in

that cuz that's important now Daenerys

Targaryen gets married off to Khal Drogo

leader of the doctrine in exchange for

using their badass army to take the

throne back at least that was the plan

oh and she got some eggs as a gift you

right okay now last place you need to

know about is just three hundred mile

long 700 foot high ice wall the Nights

Watch defend the wall against this sworn

enemies the wildlings but that's not the

only thing they need to worry about

and some time is past now and all hell

has broken loose because some things I

don't have time to explain just know

that in all seven of the kings of the

Westeros peacetime his dumping bin Ito

everybody thinks they should sit on the

Iron Throne this guy this guy this guy -

but the guy who's on the throne now is

the heir

he's not exactly humble about it even

the king can do as he likes people doubt

the legitimacy of his right to the

throne because his uncle Imam the queen

Oh little too close

remember those lovely eggs well Danny

found a way to hatch them and yes you

guessed it three little dragon babies oh

but it so cute over on that big ice wall

Jon Snow Ned's illegitimate son and the

rest of the Nights Watch are really

getting worried about the wildlings on

the other side and did my fuc for coal

which is why everybody should be worried

about this long ass winter coming but

instead a troop is he fighting meanwhile

then his dragons finally got bigger

relaxed not that much she still needs an

army if she wants that throne so she

heads over the slavers Bay to try and

get one nobody seems to have any idea

that the White Walkers are about to wipe

out everybody the Seven Kingdoms the

wildlings everybody the only one with a

clue side from Jon Snow seems to be her

this war of five Kings means nothing

meanwhile this jerk is still on the Iron


so right now House Lannister is winning

this game if you want justice you've

come to the room please and the only

reason they're winning is the wealthy

house Tyrell is backing up so this

has to marry her to fuse two

families together so what happened all

the stocks you asked well let me tell

you they're not doing so well

Robb his wife and his mother well let's

just say some weird invitations you

shouldn't climb

Sansa stuck in King's Landing with this

and ru teams up with this scary-lookin

to to survive brand brand tripping

meanwhile nobody's paying attention to

Dani who did pretty well for herself

the Dragons even bigger and can now do

some serious damage

she's got thousands of followers and

8,000 of the bed as soldiers in the leg

now that's formation but she's not the

only one who has an army see the white

walls is the scary hey I

want to the Night Watch is trying the

best they can to stop

and remember what I said about winning a

few minutes ago it's almost here and

still ain't nobody ready even though

they've been saying winter's coming for

Four Seasons now and Cersei thinks she's

a good leader but she ain't she's pretty

much Marie Antoinette in this whole

situation how the people you think I

care so the people turn against the

leaders and turn to religion a dangerous


as for the Starks well ire is working on

her revenge dance and Jon Snow is still

with the Nights Watch defending the wall

so let's look at the wall again shall we

remember John knows that the White

Walkers aka army of the Dead are coming

and being the good guy that he is decide

to try and save the Wildman's I'm

getting wiped out the Nights Watch

aren't exactly thrilled about this idea

but John didn't care he's the Lord

Commander and they have to do as they're

told and remember that other battle

John's fault we didn't have time to show

you that's nothing nothing compared to

man listen trust me I wish I had time to

show you this battle but it is

anyway back to Danny hope our mo

problems she's having trouble

controlling everybody the former slaves

the masters these guys who the masks

even her dragons ain't fans of hers

right now and what's worse before nobody

even knew she had dragons and she wasn't

a threat now everybody knows she had

drag and right about now she could use

some solid advice as to what to do next

I am the gift he is Tyrion sure he's a

Lannister and he's a lush bag don't hold

that against him you mean to advise me


let's check in on the stock kids one

more time Sansa can't catch a break him

is now stuck in the worst relationship

of her life with this

that's for Arya a girl has decided to

boost her skill set by becoming no.1 and

out of nowhere

John snows men showed him just how much

they didn't appreciate risking their

lives to try and save the wildling and

of course we all know what happened next

because it was huge huge oh you don't

huh wait what oh sorry folks we ran out

of time shame shame shame because all of

this is nothing compared to what we

didn't have a chance to get into the

backstabbing the line the cheating the

parts that'll make you feel

uncomfortable parts that will break your

heart epic battles I mean you need to

see it for yourself

you really do Penda huh what yes yes

okay yeah yeah yes we're jacket still

stuck on me dragons okay you

want to see a dragon

alright pika here you go you

happy now