When to Plant Vegetables in Massachusetts


when to plant vegetables in

Massachusetts Massachusetts summers can

be short so plan a vegetable garden

carefully to get plants in the ground at

the right time and get the best possible

harvest the planting dates for specific

vegetables depend on your exact location

in Massachusetts and the hardiness of

the vegetable hearty vegetables the last

spring frost in Massachusetts ranges

from late April and New Bedford to late

May in Hyannis and Greenfield with the

date in the Boston area falling around

May third plant hearty vegetables such

as lettuce spinach radishes onions

broccoli peas and beets three to four

weeks before the last frost which will

be sometime between late March and early

May start seeds indoors


start seats for warm weather vegetables

indoors sometime between early March and

late April about six to eight weeks

before the last spring frost in the area

this gives plants such as tomatoes

eggplant and peppers a chance to become

established before going outdoors and

lengthens the growing season tender

vegetables vegetables such as summer

squash tomatoes peppers eggplant corn

and cucumbers will not tolerate frost so

do not plant them outdoors until the

danger of Frost has passed this will

occur between late April in late May

depending on the specific location in

Massachusetts check the upcoming weather

forecasts for potential frost before

planting tender vegetables outdoors